Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lots of Angry People

And I mean this literally: I stole the corp. I was promoted to director, as I think I may have mentioned before. Well, the prior, mostly inactive CEO had not take at least 51% of the shares owned by the corp. So I took them all. After a bit of boredom due to neutral ratters, I (along with most of the corp) voted to make me the new CEO. Of course, this whole thing has been developing for awhile now, with me working on building my awesome charisma skills.

Now, with me being CEO, it took the old guy 3 days to notice that he had lost his corp. Not only did he lose the corp, he lost the station the corp owned. The corp also owns sov in our home system of IOO. Oh, now with him not having CEO, there are alot of pissed off people in Brick Squad. Just look at the alliance mails on eve-skunk, unless its been taken down since they were for sale recently. Either way, Ive received alot of threats from other CEOs and diplos in brick, even as far up as the head honchos. Well, as a show of good faith on my part, I transferred ownership of our station to the executor corp, ensuring the safe extraction of my corp members assets.

This wasnt enough for a few people, who threatened bad things to happen if I didnt immediately submit. In not so many words, I told them to go stuff it where the sun dont shine. I also got in touch with a GoonSwarm diplo as well as a couple of NC. guys I know from blogging and being in their corp. I even reached out to my old r1der alliance seeking refuge for my corp once we left Brick Space. I was actually contacted by a wormhole alliance to join them with my corpmates. Many, many options are available to me, the corp, and its members.

However, Goons are not interested in Geminate at all. NC. are still licking their wounds from getting evicted by Goons, so they are not interested. The majority of the corp wishes to go to wormhole space. I have several members who have lived there before, and several who havent, including myself. Most likely, we will go to W-Space, with a few members app'ing to the r1der alliance (Black Rebel Rifter Club and Black Dragon Fighting Society). We will probally be creating a new corp, or using an old un-used corp. Undecided on that point, but most members do not wish to stay associated with DIII, looking for a fresh start. And so, the prior CEO will get his corp back, along with sov of IOO.

The thought did cross my mind to ransom the system, and Im strongly considering it. However, as every leader knows, you must listen to your advisors. And mine, The Nothingness, suggests this is a bad idea. "No reason to burn more bridges," he says. Even though Ive been informed I will never be welcome in brick squad space again, I have no reason not to start them over at sov level 1, losing their jump bridge, but other people dont want to go that far. Ive never been one known for holding back, though!

So thats where we are right now; most of us moving out of brick space. Some are staying, some want to go to low sec. Ive sent them in the directions they need to go to accomplish their goals. Ive developed a decent following of corp members and with several of them capital ship capable, I see higher end wormholes with this new wormhole alliance a good thing. I look forward to the future!


  1. That. Was. Awesome.

    Congratulations. While The Nothingness sounds like a very, very sensible man, sometimes you just need to go all the way. It's a game, after all. Which story do you be telling in a year's time. The one about what you could have done, or the one about what you did do?

    1. While I feel I should have been more villianous to this corp's CEO, I harbor no ill will towards the majority of Brick Squad. I made several billion iskies off them allowing me to salvage their wrecks.

      Im confident with a little alt infiltration, I can easily take the CEO position again; I just have no incentive to do so right now. And yes, The Nothingness is a good guy, but sometimes too cautious and has his own agenda sometimes, but trustworthy nonetheless.

      A year from now? I hope to have tales of WH adventures and maybe a continuation of this DIII tale. We shall see how things play out.