Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snowed In!!

So I live in Ohio, and we're getting a little bit of snow. I woke up today to this:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick Overviews

With Retribution here and a few weeks to have fun messing with ships and fittings, I really like the rebalanced cruisers, especially the t1 logi's. As Jester point out for a few fittings, the Arbitrator and Omen are both pretty awesome ships, more than they used to be. I hate the safety switch, but the timers and sounds when things are expired or running low are handy for when I'm tabbed out. Overall, a good expansion, IMO.

And Christmas presents. This year, they are mostly just collectible items, with a faction skinned scanning ship for each race. I got the Imicus and Magnate versions for my two characters, along with a pair of Genolution implants between both of them. Not bad, but all my clones already have genolution implants, and I have a stash ready for when I lose my pod again. So, one more set, yay! I will probably end up stashing the ships away until they either increase in prices and sell, or just keep forever.

Overall, I feel the gifts this year really suck. Last year, we had options of fuel block blueprints, ammo, ships, skill books and a few other items. Even a remap was an option. Speaking of remap, I was planning on that remap. Kind of like a Christmas bonus check that never came, I'm pretty pissed off about it. I remapped in September when it became available to train 3 or 4 months of Leadership skills, planning to use this years remap to change to Perc/Will for the next year or two training gunnery, missiles, and spaceship command skills. Doesn't seem like its happening yet, even after being told "No, there is nothing we can do for you" through the petition system.

Consider me the Scrooge or Grinch this year. Bah, humbug!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lots of Angry People

And I mean this literally: I stole the corp. I was promoted to director, as I think I may have mentioned before. Well, the prior, mostly inactive CEO had not take at least 51% of the shares owned by the corp. So I took them all. After a bit of boredom due to neutral ratters, I (along with most of the corp) voted to make me the new CEO. Of course, this whole thing has been developing for awhile now, with me working on building my awesome charisma skills.