Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ISK Comparison, Minus the Charts

Things have been kinda busy for me, both IRL and in New Eden. As some may or may not know, Ive moved out to nullsec. I joined Suicides-R-Us [DIII]. Interesting corp name I thought to myself when the recruiter contacted me. Anyhow, Ive been busy. I was reading over on Mabrick's Mumblings his accounting thing for the last two months. I didnt bother messing with his images that were difficult to read because I was too lazy to do the extra clicks to read them. However, at the end, his two month profit for a c3 wormhole was kinda shocking to me. Almost 800 million ISK he's made. In two months. To me, that isnt alot, but then again, Ive never lived in a wormhole.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


What does it mean to be a leader? Or more specifically, what do you look for in a leader? What qualities do you look for in a person that makes you want to follow through thick and thin? Loyalty, why are you loyal to a person?

Friday, October 19, 2012

What Makes Home "HOME"??

The above question comes from a blog banter a month or two ago, maybe more, about where and why people choose to call a specific place home. I dont remember if I wrote a post of my own about it or if I even commented on it. Yet like many of my posts, Im too lazy to actually check myself.

So what is home to me? It where I store all my things. Its where I go to relax and cool off, usually defending from invaders. For almost a year, Ive made my home in Heild. Going on vacations to Eugales or forgetting things in the storage warehouses in Amarr space dont really make those places my home. Home is where your heart is and my home is and will probally always be Heild, Planet X, Pator Tech School station. As far as a corporation being home? I feel this is where I came into my own in the world of New Eden. I definately grew and learned alot while here with the Black Rebel Rifter Club. Its good to know that my quarters with them will always be available. The Rebels will always be home to me.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Arbitrator vs Stabber

Logging in, I was rather bored. I was sorting through my inventory and finding stuff that I didnt need or had extras of that I could sell for a quick blink of my wallet. Sard Caid comes in and asks for a 1v1 frig fight, so I offer myself up.

Landing in the plaex at 30km, I approach. As Im getting situated with range, a Russian wartarget lands in a harpy in the plex as well and begins shooting me, along with Sard. Needless to say, it wasnt much of a fight and my Punisher was quickly destroyed. I warped the pod out, with the Russian not even attacking Sard at first. I soon get a convo from Sard saying something about how he thought the additional guy was part of my alliance. After a quick update on how r1der accepts and honors all 1v1's, I made Sard feel like an ass for thinking Id broken our 1v1. At which point, he pointed the Russian and let me know to come back if I had a frigate.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Retribution: WTF?

So I see all this doom and gloom about the new exspansion. Lots of people are pissed off about it. But me? I think its going to be pretty cool. I look forward to the changes to cruisers, as Ive been wanting to upgrade to medium ships for awhile now, and what better time to do so than when they get buffed, eh?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Korvus the Fleet Leader

So I had a remap recently, back in September actually. I remapped to train the Leadership skills with the intent of using the Christmas remap to switch to Perc/Will for more gunnery, missile and ship training in January or Feb or whenever I get tired of training leadership skills. The reason for this training is that Id like to lead fleets on a regular basis. Whether or not Im gonna be good at this is up for debate, but I feel Id be a pretty good fleet commander. Plus its fun when I get to take the blame for blowing us up or getting credit for an awesome roam. Take the good with the bad I spose. Anyhow, Ive been leading a fleet here and there with the newbies in r1der lately.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Return to....What?

Interestingly enough, a little bit. Its been roughly 60 days since my last post on here. Not much has changed in my playtimes, still on and off. I let my killboard lapse, because tbh, it was down for like 2 weeks or something. Well, that and the fact it was mostly red for the last two months with only one or two green lines in that time. As far as blogging, Ive been slacking both on this one and the group one for r1fta. Its not because of lack of things to write about, I did make a few narrow escapes; but I just havent had the motivation to write.

With a few exceptions, several of the blogs I enjoy reading havent posted in awhile either, for one reason or another. One of the features of the blog that I never utilized before was the scheduled posting thing. I figured it out that I can write posts and then schedule them to post later. This is cool because now I can write and set it without worrying about logging in on that day to make a post. Pretty helpful and I can write as much or as little as pleases my fancy for things. Which is cool to me, because I might make use of it now.

Anyhow, plans for this blog include things such as trying out the Arbitrator Plan, similar to the Flight of Dragons blog. I really enjoyed his Punisher Plan and wish he'd go back to posting regularly, but that whole RL thing is a distracting thing once in awhile. Id also like to toss in a few RP stories here and there. Not neccassarily about fights Ive had or encounters Ive been in, just a bit of fan fiction and story on my characters. Oh right, I do have more characters... Ill make a separate post for that info, as it got long winded when I was typing it out.

So yeah, plans for this here blog of mine:
Arbitrator Plan
Fan Fiction type tales of Korvus
Stories of Null Sec Alt Adventures

I think with these three things, I will have plenty to write about and continually be motivated to write about. We'll see how it progesses!