Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reaper vs Legion

Thats right ladies and gents, the Minmatar rookie ship vs a damn Legion!

Well, sort of. I had my jita clone in perimeter and needed to pick up a skill book in jita that wasnt available where I was. There was some others a few jumps out, but meh, I needed to get back to 4-4 for some contract setup stuff anyways. I also wanted to see if the rookie ship would be able to evade the navies that would undoubtedly be chasing my flashy red ass.

I made it all the way to the station, in my reaper nonetheless. I landed and Scotty said I was getting docked in. Then, my ship exploded. Well fuck me! I spam the dock button and get the session changing timer error thingy. Then, Im not in space anymore and Ive returned home to Heild. Definately not where I want to be. Here would be the result of that loss....

Now, here's where it gets fuzzy for me. Ive always thought if you killed a pod in highsec, concord would get you and you would take a sec status hit for such actions. Its why flashy reds fly around high sec in their pods, they're still "safe". Did these rules get changed? If not, the Legion guy took an exspensive suicide for a shiny killmail like the one I gave. If you can shoot flashy pods and not suffer the consequences of suicide ganking, I didnt know this and these specific mechanics are news to me.

These rules must be news to other people too, because as I write this, I am moving my empty pod from Heild to Amarr, sitting at each and every gate that has a combat ship near it to see if anyone will pop my flashy pod. So far, no one has, and Im only a few jumps from Amarr now.

Im not mad bout this loss, but I am irritated by it that I didnt dock when I should have. Ive only given up 1 pod loss related to combat since Ive had this character and this loss bothers me since it wasnt even combat, just due to some ganker. Ill probally rebuy my +5 implants, but I wont make the mistake of going to Perimeter and back to Jita again. =P

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vengeance, Firetail, & Punisher vs Firetail, Thrasher, Kitsune

Sitting in the plex in Hrober, I was waiting for it to respawn. With the local population glitches, I wasnt watching local very well. Was chatting in the different channels I have available, actually. Well, a Punisher landed inside the plex. I approached with the MWD active and caught point and web. OHd the launchers and began spewing my death upon him. As he entered structure, I aligned to the sun as I saw a Kitsune and Firetail both on dscan now. As the punisher exploded I hesitated, I wanted this pod. I was too slow though and the pod got away. Immediately realigning to the sun, I entered warp. Just at the last second as I left grid, I saw the Kitsune and Firetail both land inside. Guess I got out just in time.

Landing at the sun, I was only a few m from the pod. And damned be all the gods, I missed his pod again. Oh well. I went back to the plex for a bit and didnt get much in the way of loot. Corp chat relayed the pod was in Heild, followed by the Firetail and Kitsune. Well, fuck it, I say to myself, lets go kill them. They obviously want to fight. So I toss up an advert for my fleet and have people join up. Both Alaric and Staxed joined up, I gave directions to Staxed to try and get point, having them engage and we would join in when called. Well, after a bit of cat and mouse, we finally got to engage at the sun in Heild.

I called the Firetail primary, and as he was relieved of his vessel, the Kitsune and thrasher showed up on the overview. I knew the Kitsune was a huge concern and I immediately called it primary, but then quickly saw my fuck up and re-called the primary to the thrasher. The Kitsune was 50km out, and I didnt think my crew would reach them in time before either of them were exploded, both the firetail and the hero tackling punisher. It was a costly mistake on my part as the destroyer class Thrasher made quick work of both my corpmates in their frigates. With both of them out of the field, I was the only one left. The only one left to take the full on fury of the ECM'ing Kitsune 50km away. I couldnt even catch him due to the webs on me and the scram preventing MWD.

This pissed me off greatly. It took these guys a terriblely long time to kill my ship. I couldnt NOS anyone due to not being able to target shit, so my capacitor took a shit on me eventually. Once that happened, they took at least a minute and half to kill my armor, then my ship exploded quickly after that point.

I was aligned out for a long time, cussing up a storm in local due to the dishonorable ECM usage. Alaric tried to give a "gf", but I quickly put a stop to that bullshit. When a small gang of 3 fights another small gang of 3, and ECM is involved, its not a good fight, at all. Two of three of my team was cockblocked from even doing anything, by a ship 50km out. Bad call on my part to not go after him, but I doubt there was much we could have done tbh.

You want to kill me cuz of my shinies, go ahead, I dont mind that reason. But to come to my home with ECM and think youre skilled and actually got me? Go fuck yourself. Come back with your three non-ECM ships and my crew will kick your face in. Bring your Hawk. Bring your shitty Rifter. And even bring your favorite Firetail. We'll bring us and you will be lucky if you get out with your pods because we'll be aiming to make you pod goo.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vengeance vs Firetail, Rifter and Hawk

And there I was, kiddos, sitting at the sun safe, minding my own business chatting away in corp with a new rebel prospect. I was working on my tan, mind you, not really looking for a fight. In fact, I had setup a 1v1 for my new prodigy with another in a Rifter hull and was patiently awaiting for the parties to meet and watch the outcome. These plans came crashing down, in a blaze of fucking glory as I will soon tell you.

So there I was, sitting at my safe sun spot working on the tan. Local wasnt too busy, roughly 7 or 8 people, but only a few were actually undocked. The computer mentioned something about a Firetail on scan, but I ignored her. The only thing I care about from here is if Im out of capacitor. And that bitch doesnt tell me that anymore. She's learned better than to do that. Smart ship I have. With the way Im positioned under my exotic dancer, I can still pretty easily see my overview screen if something changes on it. The exiles are pretty strong today. Even though they're spose to be standards, I think someone slipped something extra in for me, considering how much I buy from them. Damn my habit is exspensive. Oh well, its worth it, I dont suffer the side effects much anymore, consistent use and all Im thinking.

Anyhow, a red line showed up on the overview screen. Amused by this visitor to my sun, I adjusted to see what it was. Hm, that Firetail wants a fight, but hes 200km off in the distance. Well, Im not gonna chase the man. If he wants a fight, Ill sit still here for him. The range closes pretty quickly, down to 140km after a few seconds. Man, those 'tails are speedy. I did a short warp out of my safe towards the sun, hoping to land closer to the firetail. I ended up about 40km from him, to which he responded by doing a short warp to his safe on grid also. Hm, slick little devil he is. By now, local had jumped up to 11 or 12, and I assumed a couple of them were his friends that he was holding off for. I didnt expect a firetail to actually break my tank.

Eventually, he warped off grid. Meh, guess I was wrong bout his friends showing up. Well, he got me excited for nothing, but I had noticed a Hawk on scan while chasin him around. Now, dont get me wrong, but Im not a fan of fighting a Hawk. I lost Blondie to a Hawk pilot. I miss Blondie. Plus, I needed revenge on this ship. I wasnt going to let it explode this new ship of mine. Amazingly, as if the pilot knew what I was thinking, he landed on grid as I was narrowing down his location on scan.

He was about 30km from me when he landed, so we approached each other. My mwd made this distance quickly covered and put me into web and scram range. The Hawk is a fast little ship, but I assumed he was mwd fit as well due to the speed he approached me as well with how fast it dropped once I had scrammed him. Lucky for me, he wont be avoiding much of my damage. And then his friends showed up! That fuckin Firetail pilot, then a Rifter pilot right behind him.

Now, Im not one to normally judge the stupidity of people, however, these guys have no clue how to fight a Vengeance pilot. You dont come at him in a 500m orbit. You dont just NOS him, you need neuts also. You dont sit there and expect him to not call in his own friends. Well, friend. No one in R1fta was nearby except 3D. Thats right, the newb prodigy of mine who was coming to Heild for his 1v1 I had arranged. Sorry bud, Im gonna have to steal you away for a few minutes! Well, he's one jump out, and Im not doing enough damage to this Hawk fast enough.

Overheating my repper now, I turn my attention from the hawk to the Rifter. It puts out decent dps for a ship of its class but its also fragile. So I make him priority number 1. The Firetail is a threat, but also able to escape quickly if needed. The Hawk can put out considerably dps at a long range, but is also pretty tanky sometimes. This Hawk pilot kept trying to stay closer than 5km though. I dunno why, but Im not too worried bout it. I just set my orbit of him to 6500 and keep myself outside his nos range. Switching my web and scram to the Rifter, I begin to explode him. Sadly, he got out of my range and ran off in structure! One down, two to go!

Switching web and scram to the Firetail, 3d lands on grid. I first call the 'tail as primary, but quickly notice the distance increasing between us. I re-order 3d to fire on and get point on the Hawk while mine cycles through the deactivation process. The Firetail escapes in deep armor. I re-heat my launchers and go full-on crazy on the hawk pilot, hitting approach and applying the web and scram. With my attention focused now, I notice the Hawk is TDing me. "What an idiot," I say to myself, "tracking disruptors wont help you avoid my rockets, kiddo!"

With the added dps of 3d's Rifter, the Hawks shields soon dropped past the optimal regen section. He was trying to escape, even webbed, the Hawk is a fast ship. Luckily, he didnt have a faction scram like myself and he was outside his scram range while I closed range again with my MWD; preventing his escape from us! GFs were exchanged in local while I was being accused of not using a scram and being dual web fit. This irritated me somewhat, because I knew these guys were idiots who were being sore bout getting curb stomped on my front porch, so I hastily linked my fit to show I wasnt fit as they said. Not that I care bout sharing my fits, but I shouldnt have given free info like that. Im sure they were salty at the killmail they lost though with their failed attempt at killing me!

Anyhow, with me surviving and getting a killmail from a 3v1 (+1 for hero tackle 3d!), Im pretty happy. 3d seems to be a competent pilot who can follow orders, which Im thankful for. The Hawk pilots friends pretty much fled when 3d landed on grid, they didnt even bother sticking around to take a loss with their friend when they saw a second R1fta tag show up on grid.

So basically, dont fuck with me, bitches! You interrupted my sun bathing!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Somer Blink! And you....Oh, and ME!

So Im sure most of you have seen this amazing side game of EvE Online called Somer Blink. If you havent, definately check it out in the in game browser or out of game once youve set it up with some funds to play. Anyhow, to the point...

I win blinks, quite often. I win high value blinks often when I play them. To prove this point with some skeptics in my circle of in game friends, we played a game of pretend blink where we would call numbers we would play and wait to see which ones would on each blink. It so happened that two rorqual blinks came up and on both, I called the winning ticket being part of my set of tickets I would normally buy on such a blink. That would have been 7 billion isk right there with a total investment risk of 1.5 billion isk. Not a bad payoff, in my not so humble opinion.

How much isk have I put in compared to how much have I won? Well, Ill put those down below....

Isk deposited into Blink funds = 31,303,133,138 ISK
Value of items in ISK won = 95,788,000,000 ISK

Thats roughly triple the amount won. Neither of these include how much of that has been transformed into liquid isk in my wallet, nor how much I turned back into blink credits (which doesnt count towards how much deposited btw) and also excludes how many of my wins have been just delivered for me to use (quite alot actually).

So, whats the point of this post? Well, Im going to gamble for you. You give me your ISK and I will gamble with it. Theres no guarentee I will win it back for you. However, if I happen to win, I will return your deposit to me as well as 50% returned. Why would I return such a large amount of isk? Well, high risk, high rewards are the name of the game. I will setup some rules and other crap for myself to follow to give some comfort to those who are skeptical this isnt a scam, but Im way too lazy to do a scam that involves anything less than 100 billion isk tbh. I need something large enough to live out my EvE career in quite peace blowing up other peoples ships in low sec. Anything less than that isnt worth my reputation tbh. And even then, I would have self conflict in taking 100bisk worth of iskies from people who trusted me with their funds.

So yeah...Not a scam. So why would you put your faith in me to win your money and not just say I lost? Well, Ill keep a weekly track record in my wallet. Ill post up screenshots of my beginning wallet balance (will make it 0 to start) each week on Mondays. As for payouts, Im thinking a bi-weekly payout will be acceptable for most people. I play blink alot when Im online, but I do resort to other things in EvE.

What do I get out of giving you 50% of what you win as well as your deposit back? Well, more blink tbh. I love playing blink and they are almost at the 200 trillion point. New features are coming up and I can see a way to give a service to the not so lucky capsuleers out there. Ive got the support of a few people and Im sure if they're willing will post of my credibility to buy their honesty =D

Invest in a brighter tomorrow, today; by investing in me to win for you!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Vengeance vs Ishkur

A few days ago, Sard Caid was streaming. I started watching. It was pretty interesting. If you havent watched yet or havent heard of it, I suggest at least peeking a watch when something is up. Anyhow, with this new found knowledge, I wanted to fight him. I got my chance to do so soon!

He was wanting to fight someone else in r1fta, but I dunno what happened with that; I was distracted dooing PI crap at the moment. A bit later when I finished, the option for us to fight came up. I jumped into my Vengeance and with some quick checks in corp for what resist to hit best would be, I joined his fleet and warped to his safe.

As I undocked and warped to my opponent, I found out through corp chat he was using rails. And lots and lots of drones were a possibility. Luckily, I can very easily tank rail guns. Not luckily, drones hurt me. Oh but wait! Drones dont have much hp, so if I can focus on keeping my target in range, I can kill the drones first and eventually kill my target. All of this in the few seconds of warping. Im gettin good at this pvp shit! Anyhow...

As I landed, 20km from him, I approached. I couldnt get in a closer range than 10km for several seconds. Using my practiced technique of going away and then turning around quickly to close range, I succeeded. Whether or not he let me do so or not is questionable, but either way, I got in range to actually hit him. When I got closer, he was neuting me. Well, I dont like being in that close, so set an orbit of 6500, which usually keeps me around 7km range; just outside neut range but well within my nos range.

Now came the drones, right when his shields went away. Well, I targeted as many as I could, dropped the web off the drone spewing wreck of my opponent, I applied it to my target drone. This did two things for me: 1) it slowed the drone down to increase its return time when he chose to recall them, allowing more damage to be applied and 2) allowed my rockets to hit for full damage against the fast buggers. By the way, the recalling and sending out of drones is super annoying and did nothing but drag out the inevitable event of me killing them. At one point, all he did was send them out, and recall them before they were able to do any damage. I was smart enough though to apply my launchers to his ship in between these times of recalling and launching drones, eating into his armor, and eventually structure.

This was a good fight for me, as I found out I can easily tank drones as well as a railgun. It however, did not end in a killmail for me because the amazing Sard Caid chose to flee the fight when he noticed me killing off his drones and him not able to break my tank at all, even when I was in neut range. Again, a person got away due to me not overheating my scram quickly enough while also spamming my mwd to activate when his deactivated to catch back up. I really need to work on this aspect as it cost me a Vengeance kill later in the evening as well.

I was rather disappointed to see Sard run from the fight rather than to the death, as he had said in local minutes before. Even in my 250misk Vengeances, I rarely run from a fight even when Im losing. Not that I could run away in my brick, but thats not the point. The point is that you shouldnt run away from a fight because you bit off more than you could chew. Especially when youre the one who wanted to the death.

Im sure at some point he might decide to put our fight on his stream, which might be cool tbh, but I doubt it will happen.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kiting Vengeance vs Wolf (wut?!)

I was kind of bored. There were several people in Heild, so I undocked and warped to a couple safes, scanning around. Found a wolf and dram at the plex. Nifty, Ill crash this party, I says to myself. Landing on grid, I find them 100 or so km from me. Well, this is annoying. I approach the wolf with mwd on, passing the dram who I know can out run me.

Well, the wolf is out far enough and fast enough to orbit me, and the dram dipped into 30km range, so I approached him instead. OHd the web, snagged him with it at 17km. Sadly, he was still going fast enough to get back out of range. I got bored chasing these guys, so just warped out to my sun safe. I found out later that the dram died and I whored on the killmail. Whatever, Ill take it.

The wolf wanted a 1v1 soon, so I sent a fleet invite. Eventually, she accepted. While at my sun safe, the wolf landed on grid, 200km away. Anyways, I approached, she approached. In the time between this and leaving the kiting plexers, I had been inspecting their profiles and doing my research. Im not normally one to call people out on their special-ness and lack of knowledge, however, this one deserves to be called on for sheer stupidity in knowledge of a Vengeance. I dont care if you dont fly this ship. There are some things you just need to know. The first and foremost thing about a Vengeance is that it is NOT a kiter. The Vengeance is 100% brawling badass. We are subject to being easily kited, so Ill give you that, just in case you were confused. Anyways...back on topic...

Our range reached 30km or so, at which point I was bothered to target. Around 18-20km, this wolf started to orbit me. Or keep at range....Either way, it was a mistake. I shot straight up, looked at my target to watch when she adjust flight to chase me, and then quickly hit approach; at which point I was easily in OH'd web range (18km), followed by OHd scram range (12-13km). With her mwd disabled, and mine still going, I turned it off when I reach 5km, applying my orbit range of 1km.

By this point, she had killed my shields, like most people. At this range, I knew the autocannons would do more damage being in optimals or close to it. I wanted to test my armor tank though, so did it anyways. She had also switched ammo I think, as the incoming damage increased noticeablely. Well, shes not without some knowledge of ammos, at least. But it was definately too late for her, as her armor was plumeting quickly. I finished her structure off and gave a gf in local.

In fleet chat however, she said I should try flying something other than my Vengeance because an MWD cant beat it. With the Vengeance being my favorite ship by far to fly, I said its the only one I do fly. She replied that she just wont fight Vengeances anymore. After seeing her fit in the killmail, I suggested trying something else, like an AB instead. I also mentioned that plenty of other ships have trouble in 1v1 against my ship, apparently to her was epeen waving and she promptly left fleet at this point.

During this entire fight and the buildup to it, I was sharing her blog and thoughts of my ship (and others). I feel it unfair to not link her blog, so here it is, specifically the post that made me laugh at her. Some of what she says is right, other things are just flat wrong. Im not going to waste my time explaining it all, because theres plenty and you can figure it out yourself.

Ill just say shes a woman, and give her that as an excuse for being wrong.

Whats in my Hangar?

So with this blog topic going around, Ive resisted posting about it. I just dont have much of an interesting lineup of ships overall. Yet, people continue to think I have a ton of shiny ships sitting all over New Eden. This post dispels that rumor! I can name all my ships available to me in every station I have ships in off the top of my head. Thats how interesting I am when it comes to ship variety.

Vengeances in Heild and Bosena. Roughly 8 fully fit in my "regular" fitting.

10x Rifters in Ishomilken. Shipped there with an empty clone during our campaign, but never got motivated to JC up there and lose them.

Punishers in Heild. For those t1 1v1s.

2x Legions, but I only fit one so far. Ive used it for scanning a c3 WH so far.

A Bestower for hauling crap for PI.

And thats my hangar. Amazing, isnt it?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vengeance vs Retribution

OOOOO!!! An Amarrian assault frigate fight! Yeah, I havent written in awhile, been busy with RL and crap like that. After an unsuccessful roam around the entire low sec ring of Molden Heath, I found myself back in Bosena. I dont really visit Bos much, unless Im passing through to Teon on an alt. So when when I saw a retri pop up on scan I was ecstatic! I promptly commanded him to warp to the sun, which I also did to show him my ship on dscan.

Luckily, from my 10 minutes in a Retribution, I knew I could outtank him as well as kill him. The problem would be to get him into scram range to turn off his mwd. Surprisingly, he actually landed at the sun, roughly 100km away. I guess he was expecting a trap, there were a couple others in local. I approached him as he did the same. I popped a strong exile booster and immediately regretted doing so due to the Capacitor Capacity penalty I incurred this time. Around 70km, I popped on the mwd and went full speed ahead, right into his face! I turned off the MWD too early though, landing around 20km from my target. I had him locked and he returned the gesture, however, he was able to land the first shots due to scorch. He settled into an 18km or so orbit, dipping into 16-17km often. I tired of this dance quickly.

OH'ing my web, and hitting approach, I refired the MWD while slowing my target. Checking my effects, I was not being scrammed, or webbed. I set my orbit to 1km and allowed the MWD to do its thing. Maybe the faster speed would hurt his tracking, I thought, forgetting about sig size increases. Due to the penalty I took from the booster and ignoring my cap pretty much, I was running low, pulsing my repper now. At one point, I forgot to turn it back on allowing him to hit me down to around 40% armor. The alarms beeping reminded me to turn on and overheat the repper! I also had to turn off my mwd, allowing me to orbit much closer and a lower speed.

Now this was a pretty good fight, however, at the same time, I was moving an alt through the system with some high value items in the hold. I was distracted basically. My launchers were overheated. My repper was OHd. I forgot bout that. When I noticed, I turned off the OH on repper and launcher, but it was too late for the launchers, they were on their last cycle, and were offlined when it finished.

Unfortuneately, because I wasnt scrammed or webbed, I could have left at any time. My opponent on the other hand, I had to let go due to not being able to kill him. I also didnt want to call in backup for this kill, I didnt feel it would be fair to the other guy, considering he got lucky at 40 or 50% structure when my launchers offlined. Damn, wheres that nano paste when you need it!!

Its been awhile since I had a fun little 1v1 like this and I made many, many mistakes that fortuneately enough for myself, didnt result in me losing my ship. I now carry nano paste with me (thanks from someone I killed previously who dropped it for me) just in case I burn my weapons alot again, but not all the way.

Ive also been working on some PI and have been looking into wormhole PI as well as working up my scanning skills. I dipped into a c3 from Hrober last night, that was fun, but I was unprepared to actually do anything there, so I left after making a bookmark or two.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EvE: Missile Mechanics

Ive been asked about missiles recently, several times actually. I guess because I fly the Vengeance, it makes me pro or something. I dunno. Anyways, here's my helpful post for the month of May. This will not contain charts or graphs to prove I am correct in anything. This is entirely my own observations and calculations. If Im wrong, fuck you, because Im right.

Missiles are awesome as well as shitty. They're awesome because they always hit if your target is in range and they're shitty because of delayed damage and high velocity ships. Missiles have several things you need to know in order to use the most effective ones for the situation. Listed here are what you need to worry about the most:

Target Velocity - how fast is your target moving?
Target Signature Radius - How big or small is your target?
Explosion Radius - How big is your missile?
Explosion Velocity - Can your target escape the radius before the explosion hits it?
Missile Velocity - Unlike lasers or projectiles, missiles have fuel and travel time. They start out at zero and expend fuel to increase speed and reach its target. If target is further than fuel (flight time) provides, you miss.

If you examine an Inferno Rocket, for example (all level 5 skills in EFT), you will see the rockets velocity is around 3500, the same from t1 to the Caldari Navy to the T2 Rage versions. This means that if your target is faster than that, you most likely will not hit it, even if within range. Luckily, there arent too many ships who can handle going that fast while also putting out enough dps to break your own tank. Also, using a t2 rage rocket, the flight duration is reduced, causing t2 rockets to have a slightly shorter range than t1 or faction rockets. Something to keep in mind.

Keeping with the same Inferno Rockets, lets look at the explosion radius and explosion velocities. Both t1 and Faction are the same with a radius of 20m and a velocity of 225. The Rage rockets have a slower velocity, but higher radius, each at 210 and 30m. What this means is that the t1 and faction ammo are better at hitting smaller targets, like drones for example while the t2 versions are better at hitting bigger targets, not drones. If youre wondering what the radius means to you, it means that if your signature radius is bigger than the rockets radius, you will take full damage from the rocket if you are sitting still with zero velocity. If however, you are moving when the rocket explodes, lets say 200m/s, you will end up on the edge of the explosion radius when the "boom" reaches you, allowing you to take less damage from the explosion. Pretty fucking cool, yes? See the point needed for a web? Just because a rocket always hits, it doesnt mean it does full damage.

So with all of this in mind, you want to web an opponent, 2 webs if possible. Make sure they can use their MWD often if they have it equipped. You may be saying to yourself "Well, whats the point of webbing, if they can MWD?" Well, thats why I said 2 webs if possible. MWD's increase signature radius, making them a bigger target to hit, giving them a more difficult time to escape your missile's explosion radius, because they are bigger with MWD on.

While I have signature radius attention, I should also mention that t2 Rage missiles increase your own signature radius, while Javelin missiles give you a maximum velocity reduction penalty. I hate javelin missiles, and so I rarely use them personaly, although there have been fights where I would have loved to have some. I solved this dilemma by using faction webs (14km normal, 18km oh'd), allowing me to surprise any kiters and slow them down enough to force them into deep falloff to maintain their speed advantage and unable to break my tank or allow me to fancy fly and slingshot into scram range of them.

In any case, this is a basic example of missiles. Im sure most people are competent enough to switch these numbers around for bigger missiles and adjust their targets accordingly. If you arent able to understand this, dont worry, come visit me in Heild and Ill show you how they work. Nothing better than first hand experience; I always say.

Fly drunk, Fly Punishers!