Sunday, May 20, 2012

Somer Blink! And you....Oh, and ME!

So Im sure most of you have seen this amazing side game of EvE Online called Somer Blink. If you havent, definately check it out in the in game browser or out of game once youve set it up with some funds to play. Anyhow, to the point...

I win blinks, quite often. I win high value blinks often when I play them. To prove this point with some skeptics in my circle of in game friends, we played a game of pretend blink where we would call numbers we would play and wait to see which ones would on each blink. It so happened that two rorqual blinks came up and on both, I called the winning ticket being part of my set of tickets I would normally buy on such a blink. That would have been 7 billion isk right there with a total investment risk of 1.5 billion isk. Not a bad payoff, in my not so humble opinion.

How much isk have I put in compared to how much have I won? Well, Ill put those down below....

Isk deposited into Blink funds = 31,303,133,138 ISK
Value of items in ISK won = 95,788,000,000 ISK

Thats roughly triple the amount won. Neither of these include how much of that has been transformed into liquid isk in my wallet, nor how much I turned back into blink credits (which doesnt count towards how much deposited btw) and also excludes how many of my wins have been just delivered for me to use (quite alot actually).

So, whats the point of this post? Well, Im going to gamble for you. You give me your ISK and I will gamble with it. Theres no guarentee I will win it back for you. However, if I happen to win, I will return your deposit to me as well as 50% returned. Why would I return such a large amount of isk? Well, high risk, high rewards are the name of the game. I will setup some rules and other crap for myself to follow to give some comfort to those who are skeptical this isnt a scam, but Im way too lazy to do a scam that involves anything less than 100 billion isk tbh. I need something large enough to live out my EvE career in quite peace blowing up other peoples ships in low sec. Anything less than that isnt worth my reputation tbh. And even then, I would have self conflict in taking 100bisk worth of iskies from people who trusted me with their funds.

So yeah...Not a scam. So why would you put your faith in me to win your money and not just say I lost? Well, Ill keep a weekly track record in my wallet. Ill post up screenshots of my beginning wallet balance (will make it 0 to start) each week on Mondays. As for payouts, Im thinking a bi-weekly payout will be acceptable for most people. I play blink alot when Im online, but I do resort to other things in EvE.

What do I get out of giving you 50% of what you win as well as your deposit back? Well, more blink tbh. I love playing blink and they are almost at the 200 trillion point. New features are coming up and I can see a way to give a service to the not so lucky capsuleers out there. Ive got the support of a few people and Im sure if they're willing will post of my credibility to buy their honesty =D

Invest in a brighter tomorrow, today; by investing in me to win for you!


  1. Annoyingly Korvus does seem to have a lucky streak when it comes to blinking, it's almost superhuman the amount of shit he wins.

    I was one of the people playing the "Fake Blink Calls" game he mentioned, and he "fake won" far more than just the two Rorquals, but I guess that's just a good example he pulled out.

    So yeah, I'm putting money in this XD

  2. why didn't I see this before I played my 40 billion bonus today. I actually did ok, but it turns out Blink is a "fast twitch game". Damn

    1. I had forgotten about this post til your comment popped in my mailbox, Lho...Good times =P

      Good luck in your future blinking though!