Friday, May 18, 2012

Vengeance vs Ishkur

A few days ago, Sard Caid was streaming. I started watching. It was pretty interesting. If you havent watched yet or havent heard of it, I suggest at least peeking a watch when something is up. Anyhow, with this new found knowledge, I wanted to fight him. I got my chance to do so soon!

He was wanting to fight someone else in r1fta, but I dunno what happened with that; I was distracted dooing PI crap at the moment. A bit later when I finished, the option for us to fight came up. I jumped into my Vengeance and with some quick checks in corp for what resist to hit best would be, I joined his fleet and warped to his safe.

As I undocked and warped to my opponent, I found out through corp chat he was using rails. And lots and lots of drones were a possibility. Luckily, I can very easily tank rail guns. Not luckily, drones hurt me. Oh but wait! Drones dont have much hp, so if I can focus on keeping my target in range, I can kill the drones first and eventually kill my target. All of this in the few seconds of warping. Im gettin good at this pvp shit! Anyhow...

As I landed, 20km from him, I approached. I couldnt get in a closer range than 10km for several seconds. Using my practiced technique of going away and then turning around quickly to close range, I succeeded. Whether or not he let me do so or not is questionable, but either way, I got in range to actually hit him. When I got closer, he was neuting me. Well, I dont like being in that close, so set an orbit of 6500, which usually keeps me around 7km range; just outside neut range but well within my nos range.

Now came the drones, right when his shields went away. Well, I targeted as many as I could, dropped the web off the drone spewing wreck of my opponent, I applied it to my target drone. This did two things for me: 1) it slowed the drone down to increase its return time when he chose to recall them, allowing more damage to be applied and 2) allowed my rockets to hit for full damage against the fast buggers. By the way, the recalling and sending out of drones is super annoying and did nothing but drag out the inevitable event of me killing them. At one point, all he did was send them out, and recall them before they were able to do any damage. I was smart enough though to apply my launchers to his ship in between these times of recalling and launching drones, eating into his armor, and eventually structure.

This was a good fight for me, as I found out I can easily tank drones as well as a railgun. It however, did not end in a killmail for me because the amazing Sard Caid chose to flee the fight when he noticed me killing off his drones and him not able to break my tank at all, even when I was in neut range. Again, a person got away due to me not overheating my scram quickly enough while also spamming my mwd to activate when his deactivated to catch back up. I really need to work on this aspect as it cost me a Vengeance kill later in the evening as well.

I was rather disappointed to see Sard run from the fight rather than to the death, as he had said in local minutes before. Even in my 250misk Vengeances, I rarely run from a fight even when Im losing. Not that I could run away in my brick, but thats not the point. The point is that you shouldnt run away from a fight because you bit off more than you could chew. Especially when youre the one who wanted to the death.

Im sure at some point he might decide to put our fight on his stream, which might be cool tbh, but I doubt it will happen.

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