Friday, August 10, 2012

Its a Pirates Life for Me!

And us pirates, we like our stories. Usually told through voice, passed on from one pirate to the next, our stories grow to legends and eventually myths. Fables of the great Miura Bull and his cult following of Rebels, for example.

More so than most, the Black Rebel Rifter Club has many accomplished "warrior poets" as you will. Amoung the regular pirate crews of New Eden, you will find many exciting and storied tales of killing, fighting, sex, drugs, whiskey, and of course, Rifters; a great many originating from this very Club.

Recently, Miura Bull was approached by a mysterious "Fighter X". I dont know the details of the details, but suffice to say that a group of eight were chosen to tell their stories. Some of them arent the greatest pilots of r1fta, but they hold the legends close to heart and rejoice in the tellings of the Club.

So without further ado, I give to you the Black Rebel Rifter Club's collaborative effort at recording this pirate corporations history and stories:

The Fighter at the Gates of Hell