Monday, July 29, 2013

Darkfall: Time to Be a Pirate!

Lately, Ive been farming mobs for prowess and gold. Sometimes solo, mostly in a group of 2 or more clan mates. During conversations, the idea was tossed around for us to get on a boat and go sailing around the world. Everyone agreed and myself with another decided to go half and half on a Wharry; one of the cheapest/smallest ships to sail Agon.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Darkfall: A Rush of Progression

Aiden, Entry 2

As previously posted, I was saved by a small group of fighters. I was invited to their party and we worked together killing the rockbangers for a few more hours. I was eventually invited to join their guild as a part of their mass recruiting experiment. I decided to say yes and attempt to be super social in this game; opposite of my somewhat anti-social behavior in EvE. Its worked out extremely well for the most part.

Logging in for my second evening of play, I pinged comms for any interest in an exploration group. Most people were busy killing, but one person, Phuzzy Logic, piped up and asked for an invite. Meeting up in Sanguine, we decided where we would explore; choosing to go around the main center continent of Agon at the waters edge. And so we went East towards the ocean.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Darkfall: A Shift in Life.

Aiden, Entry 1

At the request of my current tutor, Oliver, I am recording the events up to my encounter with what they call "Rockbangers" and their "Stone Lord"

We lived a bit west of Sandbrook; until the old man spent all the coin on a ship of his own and never came back. I was so young when it happened, we moved into the actual town and people called us "Westbrook's". I don't remember our real name, and Mama passed away before I was old enough to ask. 

Luckily, a love of the Sea was passed on to me and I was able to catch a few fish a day to live on. Eventually, I got good enough to catch more than I needed and could sell them. Never made enough to get my own ship though, so I was limited in how much I could snag. Early morning outings, afternoon market excursions. 

And that's how life went on for several years. Ships always coming and going from Sandbrook, yet none wanting a recruit as young as myself. "Experienced only", they told me; as if to say people were born with such experience. Wasn't everyone new at some day in their lives? Apparently not.