Monday, July 29, 2013

Darkfall: Time to Be a Pirate!

Lately, Ive been farming mobs for prowess and gold. Sometimes solo, mostly in a group of 2 or more clan mates. During conversations, the idea was tossed around for us to get on a boat and go sailing around the world. Everyone agreed and myself with another decided to go half and half on a Wharry; one of the cheapest/smallest ships to sail Agon.

Unfortunely, Im an impatient person sometimes. The next day came and I had a few portal shards from loot. These things can summon a player to you, very valuable, somewhat uncommon loot. I checked the market and sold one, giving me enough gold to fund a wharry on my own.

Since no one else in my clan was online yet, I went out on my own. Heading east through a similar path I traveled previously, I hit the ocean and summoned my new ship. I went south a couple of tiles and during this time, clan members were logging in and onto comms. When I had told them what I was doing, everyone was all excited and I promptly invited them all to my party. It would take them a little bit to reach the ocean where I could pick them up, so I turned around to meet them.

I reached landfall before they were near, so I despawned my boat and dropped a waypoint for them to get near me. Slowly, each person arrived. Some had thought ahead of time and brought fishing poles; I had not. Some people had spares that they passed out, but as captain of the boat, I was going to be busy navigating our sea adventure. Once everyone arrived, I spawned the boat again and everyone jump out into the water to climb up on deck.

Some people wanted to head north, others wanted to head south. As captain, I chose for them and went south. The people who had not gotten a fishing pole begain casting their Light spells; it had gotten dark. Over comms, this group of newbs was warned not to do that because it makes us a beacon out in the middle of the ocean. And so, many of us kept casting it. We wanted some company.

And we got that company. Up a ways in front, I spotted another ship. I didnt know what to do, so I turned the Wharry to intercept it. It worked well, the captain of the other ship hadnt noticed us yet and rammed right into our ship. As both ships came to a stop, all of my party climbed aboard the enemy vessel! I guess the guy was afk, because he didnt make a move until we started attacking him. At which point, he was able to get away and jumped off his boat!

I was still steering the Wharry and when the opposing captain fled his ship, one of my party commandeered a new ship for us, while another jumped off to follow the fleeing captain. Unfortunately, our friend was quickly dispatched once the enemy noticed we were all naked and assumed we were all newbs. At this point, the ships had become untangled and were picking up speed, in the direction away. Despite his earnest efforts of shooting arrows and spells at us, the former captain couldnt swim fast enough to keep up with the ships sailing away.

And thus, this is the story of how I captained a ship and party of less than week old newbs in Darkfall, leading them into the life of piracy at sea. Unfortunately, 4 hours later after sailing north with the new trawler and getting a shit ton of prowess, the server crashed and rolled back a good 45 minutes to an hour or more of progress. We also lost the ship and it was not reimbursed through petition.

Such is the life of a pirate.

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