Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Update

So there's been alot that has happened since I last posted. Just as a quick recap:

  • I took over SWICC
  • We recruited a couple people and corps into Alice.
  • I lost my right hand man.
  • I decided to take a vacation from Anoikis space.
  • Right hand man re-joined SWICC with his own corp.
  • I sold Alice to an alliance mate. 
  • I left SWICC, making an alt corp of mine the Executor
  • And finally I left DCORR, joining up with some people out in null sec.
Whether or not this chain of events has landed me in the best scenario, who knows; I dont. Im just going with what feels good for now. Im looking to get into hauling for the alliance and perhaps some capital fights. I may even work towards becoming an FC, you never know.

As things go, Ive gotten all moved out of Alice and am setup in our staging system. The most annoying thing to me are cyno alts. Training them, getting them into place, ect. Its annoying. Oh well, things will work themselves out.

So Im back to null sec for now. Maybe, eventually, Ill head back to low. A return to high sec is pretty much never going to happen though =P