Wednesday, April 3, 2013


As some of you may have noticed, I have been rather inactive lately. Real life really kicked me in the balls with 60-70 hour work weeks and it has just now started slowing down enough to the point where I wasnt so beat every day I just showed and went straight to bed soon as I got home. Anyhow, to deal with this, Ive been living in a wormhole away from the light of highsec, the deep space of null and even havent dipped much into the new low sec of faction wars. Wormhole space has been my home for a few months now; and Im really enjoying it.

I havent gone full carebear, as I setup fittings for my partner who has more time than I to go PvP lately and he gets kills with my fittings, so in a way, I get to PvP. Well, in the same way as the industrialist who sold him the ship and mods, right?! Ok, so maybe I have gone a bit carebear, but this bear is a grizzly and I make people all FUBAR'd in their ships. Or they do me, either way, stuff explodes usually. Like this past weekend, for example, but first a small bit of backstory.