Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Consensual PvP in EvE?

So I was browsing reddit because its a pretty good source of info about anything you can think of. As I was going through /r/EvE, I stumbled across a blog I inconsistantly keep track of, MinerBumping. In that linked post, James315 references Ripard Teg's post about "ganking not being pvp". Except it is, and Id like to toss my opinion on the subject out there as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

December CSM Minutes

There's a whole 113 pages of stuff in the recently released CSM Minutes. I've just finished reading all of it and as a whole it looks good. Just doing a quick summary for myself as many other bloggers will cover this soon*. I mostly only care about the ship balancing section.

Monday, January 7, 2013

An About Me Post

This post is more for my own self-evaluation than your pleasure, really, but feel free to comment as well, Ive got thick skin!

So Ive been blogging on and off for almost two whole years. I started out blogging about my first forays into PvP combat. Time has seriously flown by, I hadnt realized its been so long! Reading that very first post of mine, I was pretty surprised by myself. I have really grown quite a bit as a pilot since that time, I feel much more knowledgeable about EvE mechanics, ship fittings, and ship statistics. Im far from the knowledge levels of people like Miura Bull, Ashirka, Taurean, Truen1ght, and many, many other pilots in EvE, however, I feel I could go toe-to-toe with a couple of them for several rounds before being knocked out by their sheer skill and knowledge of this game we all play.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vigilant vs Loki and Cynabal

This isnt a fight that I was in, but I suggested the fitting for the Vigilant. And it performed above and beyond what I expected it could do. Thanks to my buddy Ashirka for taking it out for a spin and testing it =) On a side note, Ashirka is a 2003, mostly industrialist player. His knowledge of EvE is rather vast and Im confident he didnt need my help in fitting the ship. Its just nice he did use it and Im pretty glad it performed!

The story is that they were chasing a Cynabal (who was harassing ratters with his small gang earlier), Ashirka and Dave, in their Vigilant and Thorax. Dave jumped through the gate, Cynabal wasnt on grid but his friend in a Loki was. Dave's Thorax served as a meatshield while Ashirka fought to break the buffer shield tank of the Loki. Once Ash got past that shield regen point, he claims to have shot 2 vollies and popped the Loki. At some point during this, the Cynabal landed on grid to help his Loki friend.

With Dave already dead, he was of no use fighting the Cynabal once the Loki died. Ash was running low into armor, but Gallentian ships have a nice hull buffer. He took advantage of that, overheated his webs to catch the enemy, and the Cynbal pilot exclaimed a surprised "Oh shit" in local. Oh shit, indeed, because with dual 90% webs on you, even your MWD wont be of much help. And when Ash got into Void range, rather quickly actually, the Cynabal's buffer shield tank didnt last long either.

Talking with Ashirka after the fight, he was also surprised at how well his ship held up, especially when the Cynabal landed and he became consigned   that his ship was going to explode and not the enemy. However, he lived, and the entire fight he had not overheated his guns! "Probally a good thing, since you would have burnt your guns out!"; I say because Ashirka never overheats his guns and is forgetful sometimes.

Ah well, he and Dave just got about one billion isk in kills.