Monday, January 7, 2013

An About Me Post

This post is more for my own self-evaluation than your pleasure, really, but feel free to comment as well, Ive got thick skin!

So Ive been blogging on and off for almost two whole years. I started out blogging about my first forays into PvP combat. Time has seriously flown by, I hadnt realized its been so long! Reading that very first post of mine, I was pretty surprised by myself. I have really grown quite a bit as a pilot since that time, I feel much more knowledgeable about EvE mechanics, ship fittings, and ship statistics. Im far from the knowledge levels of people like Miura Bull, Ashirka, Taurean, Truen1ght, and many, many other pilots in EvE, however, I feel I could go toe-to-toe with a couple of them for several rounds before being knocked out by their sheer skill and knowledge of this game we all play.

I started EvE, back in 2005 when I heard about this game. Back then, I was also playing EverQuest 2 and really enjoying that. EvE fell by the wayside until 2008 when I tried it again. And again, EQ2 prevailed in taking my attention away from EvE. It wasnt until July 28, 2010 that I returned to New Eden after quitting EQ2 finally. It was a long, painful process to quit EQ2 actually, and I continued logging in at least two or three times a week just to bullshit with old friends. Addiction is like that and I couldnt leave Norrath cold turkey. As it stands now, I havent logged into EQ2 since sometime during the first quarter of 2011. Im about as sober as I could be if I was on drugs at this point in time.

Anyhow, on to the EvE part. I started out as most new players do, as a carebear training a multitue of skills. I stayed in the npc corp as I hadnt found any corp or group of people I enjoyed talking to yet. There were several corps I joined, some as little as a day, some as much as a week, until around December of 2010. According my EvEwho history, I joined Hysterically Unforgiving, at the time part of the Wildly Inappropriate alliance. Up until this point, I had been training all over the place. I think I was able to fly an Orca by now, and had lost a few too actually in low sec due to being a newb. I was with these guys as an industrialist player out in Branch. I didnt really pvp at all, I just mined and made ISK. Not really glamorous at all, really. Moving on.

I think I left a little bit before the North fell and Goons burned Branch to the ground. I was in an NPC corp for a couple months before joining Ubuntu. Good guys, they had a good leader and an organization structure. By this time, I was becoming bored with the mostly solo pilot endeavors and wanted something more in EvE. I raced through their promotion ranks and helped train a couple of their pilots for PvE type things, like mining. I know, you dont have to say anything. I was with Ubuntu Inc. for about a month before deciding to sell Axazia in the Character Bazaar. on the forums.

If I remember correctly, I got about 4 or 4.5 bisk for her. Which, at the time for me, was a huge amount of money. I had made an alt account with the power of two, and trained Zaron Arzi up in Corporate skills, eventually being able to create alliances. I think at the time, people selling alliance creation services had begun and I even tried my hand at it, unsuccessfully I might add. After I sold Axazia, I looked around and rushed into buying Korvus Falek, after failing in getting the "ideal character" that I wanted. Some of you who have been reading my blog awhile might remember the Buyer's Regret post I made lamenting his lack of skills.

Korvus as a character has grown pretty far, he's tripled the amount of SP I recieved him with. I still cant fly that Orca, on any character, and I still dont have Minmatar Frigate 5, as I grew tired of the Rifter quickly and went back to sitting in a Vengeance. I only recently trained Gallente Frigate 4, and that was only to train the Gallente Cruiser skill to 3 in preparation for the Barttlecruiser and Destoryer skill split. Korvus as a player (me) has grown alot as well. I learned to deal with losing a ship; they all explode at some point. Ive learned to control the "PvP Rush" that happens during a fight. Learning to FC a little bit as well was fun when I did it, but when I was doing, I lacked the ship knowledge to do it competently I feel. I think if I could go back to any of the fights I was leading for whatever reason, I could do a much better job of it now. One of my buddies has told me once or twice "you're an encyclopedia of EvE information", to which I graciously and humbly reply, "thank you". I think he may be exaggerating some, but its nice to get compliments once in awhile.

As far as my corp history goes, I was rather unstable for alot of my time in EvE so far. Ive only been in two corps for more than 5 or 6 months, one on Axazia (Hysterically Unforgiving) and one on Korvus, The Black Rebel Rifter Club. While I dont remember many people in H.UNG, I do remember enjoying my time there and the company I was in. The same applied for Ubuntu Inc. and r1fta. I pretty much learned the basics of EvE combat in Ubuntu Inc. and refined them in r1fta. I appreciate being a part of both of these corporations and the knowledge they provided. I wouldnt know what I know right now without them.

My perspective of EvE has also been molded and formed by my experiences in New Eden. It is an intense, harsh and unforgiving world to be in for enjoyment. EvE is difficult in that if you want to fly alone, you can, but you will be limited in nearly every aspect of your career choice. I spent the majority of 2010 and 2011 as a newbie pilot, exploring EvE's options. I spread my skills far and wide, but I was almost always doing it solo. It wasnt until I joined r1fta with Korvus that I went solo with the support structure to help me figure out WTF I did wrong and how to adjust to not succumb to the same thing the next fight. I appreciate that assistance, and feel a corp like r1fta is something every single new player to EvE should experience.

Speaking of experiences, Ive had a few. I have been a null sec miner, a high sec missioning bear, a low sec pirate (with a few ransoms as income spread about), a corp asset thief, an actual corp thief, a null sec salvaging bear, a wormhole resident, and even part of a null sec fleet fight for sov once or twice. Ive done alot in my almost 3 years of time in EvE. Right now, Im looking for a stable home enviroment. The last few months of moving around and joining corps in different endeavors has drained me quite a bit. Im ready to settle down and find a home to defend instead of one to invade. We'll see where I end up; maybe it will be a wormhole, maybe it will be somewhere in null or low sec. I wont be going back to empire though. That shit is scary.

One thing is for sure though, there is still so much more to do in EvE, and Im looking forward to it!

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