Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Buyers Regret

Yeah, Ive got a small bit of it. I sold my old main for a character that is focused mostly on Electronics and Engineering. Only one frigate ship skill, no gunnery, no drones, no rigging skills except for Jury Rigging 4. It came with 12 million SP, only a million or so less than my old main. What exactly did I give up that Im wishing I had now though??

For starters, my Orca. That ship makes moving around with almost all my assets easy and quick for the amount I move. Trade skills, something most people may think arent essential, but for making contracts to other people, being limited to one is annoying. Social skills. When running missions, Im not getting the standings or LP I could if I had my old social skills. Bringing to the level 1 missions again, I miss my level 4's. Jump clones. Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Battleships, Strategic Cruiser. The pew pew of my lasers were traded for the zing zing of autocannons.

The lack of gunnery and ship skills didnt seem that big of a hurdle when I looked at all the 5 skills in Electronics, Engineering, and Mechanic. All of those skills provide perfect armor tanking, both passive and active. The capacitor upgrades though are somewhat negated due to the lack of reduction in cap used by modules, such as afterburners, web, scram, ecm, ect...

I hadnt realized before how much I relied on my wide variety of skills until I didnt have them. Being focused is great, it makes me superior compared to other pilots in that area. However, it also leaves wide open holes in both defense and offense. For now, Im flying the Rifter. I tossed in all 3 of the other races frigate skills, as they are short timeto train. Im slowly working on rebuilding my gunnery skills to a level that I want, making t2 small guns (both lasers and autocannons) a priority with support skills leveling in there also. With all these skills being trained, I need to focus on something long term. Im looking towards the Wolf and maybe the Hound. I would prefer going towards Vengeance and Purifier though, although Im going to give the Minmatar are fair chance away from my "its not lasers and and rockets" syndrome.

Its not really a clear plan of action at this point because I have to train up my ship and support skills again, but alot of the support skills I wanted before are done. Which is where the buyers remorse kicks in. By the time I finish training up my small ship and support skills for combat, I would have been able to train up the skills I was missing in the same amount of time. So really, I did nothing progressive except get a new name and body.

Well, shit!


  1. The jaguar is the better close range AF I think. The wolf feels to me like it should be flown like a slicer.

    that said, in close, the Wolf is pretty impressive. It can dish out a stupid amount of damage and tank a great deal as well. Having 2 midslots in the limiting factor in my eyes, making me feel like it needs to be an MWD kiting fit.

  2. I was thinking the Wolf because its in my comfort zone of fitting slots similar to the Punisher; but yes, you are right, the jaguar is a beasty little ship that I should consider also!

  3. Well you confirmed my long time fear of starting over again. Every time I think of doing that I realize that I already have all the core skills, and it is not like I have to give up my existing ones to learn new ones. Then again I have 40+ mill SP so I would be giving up quite a bit more. However at the same time is kind of sad that if I hadn't take a few years off I would have close to 90 mill SP so in a way I guess I have given up quite a few.


  4. I feel the same at times. I really did enjoy EVE when it launched back in 2003 or 2004, but at the time I was playing SWG then switched to EQ2 when it launched in '04 (the whole NGE thing). I wish I had at least kept my account going and training skills, but meh, live and learn, right?

  5. What server in SWG did you play on? You planning on going to SWTOR?

  6. Started with a "C", yet I cant remember from so long ago. And yes, I plan to try out SWTOR, but Im not sure if it will keep me long term or if Ill try it on launch. Most likely a few months after launch so the newbie areas arent so packed.