Sunday, September 25, 2011

Future Plans and "Structure Stuff"

To date, Ive had a few sidetracks; with the biggest being that I sold my main character for a nice chunk of change and got a new one with not as many skills as I should have waited for. I need a plan and I need to stick to it. Its easy to say Im going to do this and this in this amount of time, but until you actually sit down and write an outline of what you want to accomplish, your plan will never come to fruition. This will be my outline. Also, this is my post for Monday, which Im going to be extremely busy doing stuff resulting in my being unable to post an update. Not that Ive been consistent anyways.

So here's the game plan:

Step one involves getting back into my Vengeance with the rocket skills needed that I previously held. This will be accomplished in 7 days 12 hours (or so).

Step two focuses more on my missile skills to get into t2 rocket launchers and upgrading the support skills from 3's to mostly 4's and 5's. This will also include training up my Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault missile skills to be able to use these weapons when I complete step 3.

Step three has me getting the ship skills needed to sit in a Sacrilege. I flew the Zealot with my previous character and I enjoyed it, however, with my Vengeance focus and background, I feel the Sacrilege will be a better fit when the time comes.

Step four is mixed in with prior steps. This one is mixed in with all prior steps, getting any skill that takes less than 24 hours on my queue and trained. At this point in time, this applies to roughly 5-10 skills that are currently injected. I will also be training all my Probing skills to 4 or 5 as needed in this step.

Step 5 puts me where I have a nice setup of ships that I hope to enjoy flying (Vengeance for sure, Sacrilege seems to be similar). At this point, I want to be more than just another combat pilot for my corp (If I have one when this step arrives). So I will be training into a freighter and jump freighter; getting the required skills to 4s and 5s as needed or required. Most likely it will be the Providence and its brother the Ark, but I really like the Nomad for the simple reason it reminds me of the Jawa tank thing in "Star Wars".

These steps will put me at a point in the game where I want to be; able to expand out to more general areas but with a strong center of gravity and focus. As for my plans with my blog, I am going to take maybe 2 weeks off from writing anything and in the mean time, take notes instead. Doing this will give me a supply of posts that I normally would post immediately having little to no content and remains un-interesting; as Ive found myself thinking "this blog sucks" while re-reading my latest updates. As a side effect, this will allow me to edit my posts and merge a couple of them while extending or shortening others. This consistent posting process seems to work much better for other bloggers that I read and I am willing to try their method rather than my inconsistent one.

Speaking of inconsistency, I have recently become unemployed by Ubuntu Inc. From my viewpoint, there are no hard feelings towards anyone in the corp, and I enjoyed my time there helping the newbies and meeting new people (that whole social thing). I left because my long term goals of going into low sec and looking for trouble does not coincide with their long term goals. I also have no interest in the politics of high sec wars and the fickleness of the people who declare war on me or my corp.

Either youre in or youre out. Not "oh my gosh, youre blowing up our PoS so we're ending the war before you can finish, but after we relocate it, we'll re-dec you" No, it shouldnt work like that; yet it does. So Im moving to space where that option doesnt exist: Low sec. My actions here in the near future will not be supported by the CVA Alliance that Ubuntu is currently in (and possibly the corp itself), and I dont want to create trouble with them in the Alliance and the null politics Zealot and Iron are working towards. And about politics, Zealot, you still never gave me any juicy infoz to post about! =P

Anyhow, this will be my last post for possiblely two weeks, maybe three depending on how much trouble I find myself in. Safe and wealthy journies to all my readers!


  1. So then you do want to be a pirate, right?

    When I don't have anything interesting to write about from real events, I write fiction. It's something worth considering, the rp factor of the game can be quite a good one. It certainly increases my enjoyment of the game.

    And aren't JF's prohibitively expensive? like 5-10 billion? Carriers (books included) cost quite a bit less.

  2. Yar, its a pirates life for me!

    You have a point and I have enjoyed the fiction you write, especially the recent Blood Raiders update. I may have to take this into consideration and get a story for myself going; breaking it into chapters because I to tell long stories sometimes. =P

    As for jump freighters, yes, they are definately exspensive toys. I already have the book sitting in my hangar from when I was working towards them before though, so Im halfway there. My thought process is that IF Im part of a pirating corp, in return for the ability to quickly and efficiently transport corp assets, I will get assistance in aquiring one of these ships. Whether this is a look at reality or an unreal goal, I dont know.

    If it comes to it and I want it enough though, I dont have an issue aquiring the funds myself and getting my own portable base. I have a second account also that will be training up some scouting ships soon, and he will most likely be my jump freighter ship guy for safety reasons anyways. Which I could be training for long before it comes in the whole step by step process of my plan. =)