Friday, September 30, 2011

New Turn of Events

Ok, so I know I said I wasnt going to post for a couple weeks, but I felt this was a good time of the day to update on things.

First, Ive moved out to Delve. Blood Raider territory, woohoo! Ive wanted to come down here for quite awhile, but the high activity has put me off of going solo in this area. Which brings me to point number two;

Ive joined Militaris Industries, part of the Cascade Imminent alliance. I know looking at my corp history, it seems to show I jump from one corp to another, however, this was an oppurtunity I couldnt pass by. These guys have an extremely high efficiency ratio as well as having alot of competent pilots I can learn from. They also have a similar personality to me and so far from watching their chat and lurking their forums, I feel I will fit pretty well with these guys.

Now the downside to this, which is my own doing. They asked if I was ready to move out to Delve and I jumped at the chance to do so without fully thinking this process through. I switched to an empty clone. I used my bookmarking fit Rifter for this 33 jump travel. Warp stabs, mwd, cloak. I even had it rigged with the duration increases for mwd to get a bit further out when cloak/mwd tricking. So I start my journey from my former home.

Pretty uneventful through my high sec jumps. I get to the last high sec system and update my clone facility, just in case I get podded, I dont want to make the last 19 jumps again. At this point, my app gets processed and I start the low/null sec portions of my journey. I see something about some other corp/alliance, Black something. I dont remember tbh, but they had the 1dh station bubbled hardcore most of my trip, so docking at this time was not an option; once I got into system that is.

Well, my trip was going pretty well so far. I had made it seven or eight jumps through really low sec space, and into a pocket of two .5 systems. Neither of which have medical facilities, mind you. So I continue towards 1DH. Two or three jumps more, and I see a Rohk on dscan in the direction of the gate I need to pass through. Well, Ill just warp to zero and jump through, he wont be able to target me that quick. Riiiggghhhttt.....Did you know there is no reason to target when you have smartbombs? Before I had even finished warping to the station, I was in my pod. There was no lag, there was no delay in my hitting the jump to the next system command. Smartbombs are stupidly dumb imo. I knew that the Rohk was there, and I didnt account for the chance he would have smartbombs, resulting in me losing my ship before I could even land on grid and react. This loss is one that I feel is stupid and cheap. I convo'd the pilot and asked let him know how I felt too, and gave him a sarcastic "good job".

Smartbombed Rifter

This all happened within about 5 or less minutes of joining Militaris Industries, but the killmail doesnt reflect this for some reason. After my amazingly stupid loss, I continued towards 1dh in my pod, with the knowledge they were heading home. Well, they (Black somethings)werent moving too quick to get home. As I warped to the 1DH gate, I jumped through into a sea of reds and yellows. Thankfully, I was out about 12km cloaked up. I did nothing, not because I froze or got scared, more because I would have been too pissed off to make into the system just to get podded and sent back to the high sec med bay. With just about 10 seconds left on my cloaky timer (session change had expired by now) their entire fleet jumped through the gate and I was home free!

Docking up, I relocated my clone services and setup all the stuff required by alliance and corp. Ill be out of commission most of this weekend due to it being my birthday on the 4th, but having the party over this weekend, so later today, Ill jump back into my +5 clone and get a bit faster skillpoint gain until I jump back into Delve.

Thats about the extent of action I have experience so far. My plans for ships are shifting though to accomodate the corp needs. I am 30 days total from getting into an alliance standard guardian, excluding logistics 5. That adds another 25 or so days. Im going to add roughly 10 days to that plan though to finish out getting into my Vengeance and its fits. Doing this will also allow me to get into a Purifier, with roughly 4 days of additional training to get cloak 4 and torpedos. They dont seem to like the Sacrilege that much, choosing to go with the Zealot instead, so I may or may not train up my lasers to go that route. I have a feeling though that once I am in a shiny Guardian and eventually Scimitar, I wont be allowed to use another ship in fleet ops =P

And Im out for the weekend!

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  1. Black Legion. Generally thought of as pirates who actually know what they're doing.

    logi 4 is sufficient for guardians in fleets (you need 2 cap buddies) as opposed to logi 5 (you need 1 cap buddy).