Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Totally Been Slacking

Well, I havent posted since last week, and really, the reason why is that I havent had anything too exciting happen. With my new character, as most of my corpmates know, I hate him. Eh, "hate" is such a strong word, more like dislike my character. Ill be the first to admit that Im a pretty racist person (in New Eden). I really do hate the Minmatar. I hate their ships and I hate that in my CONCORDE profile, it reads "Race: Minmatar". Nothing I can do about that last part, but theres plenty I can do about flying their ships.

Im going back to the old Vengeance. I love this ship and I love Amarrian ships. The Rifter may be one of the best pvp ships around for frigate fights, but I simply dont like flying it. It reminds me too much of a podracer from Star Wars. Dont get me wrong, I love Star Wars, even bits of the newer trilogy. I just dont want to fly a podracer in space.

Ive setup a focused plan that I will be refusing to deviate from. 165 days to max out my skills for a Vengeance. 12 days until I can get into one again with level 3 missile skills. Half of that time is just training back into Amarr Frigates. Ive got Minmatar cruiser injected, but not trained. Same for Amarr cruisers. I decided before to focus into medium sized ships, such as the Ashimmu and Legion, but with my new character and lack of ability to run level 4s anymore, I just cant afford those kinds of losses right now. So now, I decided to go with my Vengeances (I have a nice stockpile of them). I figure 165 days to max it out will be plenty of time to get into some fights. My corp may not like this, as they want some cruiser and BS pilots, but meh. The highest Ill be going is the Zealot/Sacrilege and Harbinger.

Now, when I say I wont deviate from my strict skillplan, I mean I maybe wont. Things that Im not sure of, like probing skills to probe out some people in their safes. I could spend a month or so training those up to 4s and have pretty good scanning skills that would help immensely. I dont know for sure because Im not too keen on scanning, docking and switching ships, and finally undocking with my combat ship to go kill who I scanned down. Ive never been too good at scanning and probing either, but maybe I will get the hang of it if I have higher skills.

And if you've read through all this, I will leave you with a small story of the only excitement I had over the last week while training skills.

I got myself a lowsec pocket in highsec, assuming maybe there will be some low skilled pirates. While warping and jumping to it, I came one jump before my target location with a few retrievers mining away, obviously afk. Getting their location with my amazing dscan skills (Ive gotten much better with dscan lately), I warped in to the lone retriever I had targeted. Luckily, he only had Warrior 1s, but five of them. Ok, so hes low skilled miner. Upon warpin, I was 20km from him. I aligned to him and OH'd my afterburner to close the distance quickly. By quick, I mean quick. Rifters are fast little buggers when they want to be. Anyhow, upon getting into scram range, I set my close up orbit to begin, slowing my speed to not overshoot. Next came the scram. Just gotta hit it and I will have my first solo miner gank.

Yeah, about that. I hadnt paid any attention at all to the security level of the system and as soon as I hit my scram key, I got a popup asking if I really did want to do this. I was like omg, wtf. Seriously, thats what ran through my head while I was full blown high on the adrenaline released during my time scanning him down and slowboating into range with my ab on overheat. I quickly looked at the top left of my screen and sure enough, there it was: Sec Status = 0.5. I had stopped warping one jump short of lowsec. Well, I was now saddened and continued on my trip into my target area to setup bookmarks and such.

Luckily, I had that popup reminder turned on or else my little excursion could have ended up kinda bad!


  1. haha.

    Check out for this guy's battle cov-ops ships. They don't typically include probers, but you can make probers able to tackle bigger ships while the fleet lands.

    Basically, expanded probe launcher, cov ops cloak, ab scram, td, maybe second td if you can, etc.

  2. Just started reading your blog this morning. That first post was really well written!

    While reading this post I couldn't help but reflect back to when I accidentally engaged a Retriever in high-sec. Here's my post about that experience