Friday, September 6, 2013

Benefits of Theft

So theft happens in a lot of different ways. Thieves steal items, tears, kills; just to name a few. However, how often does it benefit someone else besides the thief? Someone on the side who inadvertently helps the theft along its path; are they also a thief or just an enabler? Well, fair readers, I have the answer for you: The enabler is also a thief. How so, you ask? Glad you asked!

First, for example, to be a thief, one must steal something that is not theirs. Like a week or two back when we inspected our daily static. It just so happened, we caught a corp setting up a pair of new POS's. Except we caught them in the act of hauling everything in. The amount of haulers was on the "many" side of things; so we assumed something for their POS was going down.

We were half right, because one warped out and we followed it to the planet with its one moon. Either PI or moon; those were the options and we each took one. Landing at the moon, I saw the person launch a POS while I remained cloaked in my Anathema. He didnt immediately anchor it though. Instead, this pilot warped off back to their POS. At this point, I switched to my alt (who flies a prorator) and quickly brought him to bear at this junction; quickly warping to the location cloaked, uncloaking, scooping the unanchored POS to the bay, and recloaking, returning to Alice without so much as a second thought. Unfortunately, when the hauler returned to scoop the 2nd POS they had launched, we had missed it by 30 seconds, same for the replacement POS they had brought in as well a few minutes later.

This act, gentlemen, is an act of theft.  We directly performed the act of theft and were the sole benefactors of the theft. Well, what about Ash and his role? He didnt benefit much at all except scouting. Well, not at all true. He was the enabler and will be receiving benefits when we setup this secondary POS in Alice with industrial modules.

Speaking of enablers, this secondary example is directly benefiting the enabler who was courteous and helpful to the thief, but then was rewarded for said kindness by being given some of the spoils of the theft. We could have said "No", out of some moral fiber that doesnt exist. but I said "yes" and walked away with an Orca. Just for being nice to a person leaving his corp to join another while raiding the house and being allowed to use Alice for safe passage out.

Alls fair that ends well, I guess is how the saying goes, right?

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