Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vengeance vs Firetail, Rifter and Hawk

And there I was, kiddos, sitting at the sun safe, minding my own business chatting away in corp with a new rebel prospect. I was working on my tan, mind you, not really looking for a fight. In fact, I had setup a 1v1 for my new prodigy with another in a Rifter hull and was patiently awaiting for the parties to meet and watch the outcome. These plans came crashing down, in a blaze of fucking glory as I will soon tell you.

So there I was, sitting at my safe sun spot working on the tan. Local wasnt too busy, roughly 7 or 8 people, but only a few were actually undocked. The computer mentioned something about a Firetail on scan, but I ignored her. The only thing I care about from here is if Im out of capacitor. And that bitch doesnt tell me that anymore. She's learned better than to do that. Smart ship I have. With the way Im positioned under my exotic dancer, I can still pretty easily see my overview screen if something changes on it. The exiles are pretty strong today. Even though they're spose to be standards, I think someone slipped something extra in for me, considering how much I buy from them. Damn my habit is exspensive. Oh well, its worth it, I dont suffer the side effects much anymore, consistent use and all Im thinking.

Anyhow, a red line showed up on the overview screen. Amused by this visitor to my sun, I adjusted to see what it was. Hm, that Firetail wants a fight, but hes 200km off in the distance. Well, Im not gonna chase the man. If he wants a fight, Ill sit still here for him. The range closes pretty quickly, down to 140km after a few seconds. Man, those 'tails are speedy. I did a short warp out of my safe towards the sun, hoping to land closer to the firetail. I ended up about 40km from him, to which he responded by doing a short warp to his safe on grid also. Hm, slick little devil he is. By now, local had jumped up to 11 or 12, and I assumed a couple of them were his friends that he was holding off for. I didnt expect a firetail to actually break my tank.

Eventually, he warped off grid. Meh, guess I was wrong bout his friends showing up. Well, he got me excited for nothing, but I had noticed a Hawk on scan while chasin him around. Now, dont get me wrong, but Im not a fan of fighting a Hawk. I lost Blondie to a Hawk pilot. I miss Blondie. Plus, I needed revenge on this ship. I wasnt going to let it explode this new ship of mine. Amazingly, as if the pilot knew what I was thinking, he landed on grid as I was narrowing down his location on scan.

He was about 30km from me when he landed, so we approached each other. My mwd made this distance quickly covered and put me into web and scram range. The Hawk is a fast little ship, but I assumed he was mwd fit as well due to the speed he approached me as well with how fast it dropped once I had scrammed him. Lucky for me, he wont be avoiding much of my damage. And then his friends showed up! That fuckin Firetail pilot, then a Rifter pilot right behind him.

Now, Im not one to normally judge the stupidity of people, however, these guys have no clue how to fight a Vengeance pilot. You dont come at him in a 500m orbit. You dont just NOS him, you need neuts also. You dont sit there and expect him to not call in his own friends. Well, friend. No one in R1fta was nearby except 3D. Thats right, the newb prodigy of mine who was coming to Heild for his 1v1 I had arranged. Sorry bud, Im gonna have to steal you away for a few minutes! Well, he's one jump out, and Im not doing enough damage to this Hawk fast enough.

Overheating my repper now, I turn my attention from the hawk to the Rifter. It puts out decent dps for a ship of its class but its also fragile. So I make him priority number 1. The Firetail is a threat, but also able to escape quickly if needed. The Hawk can put out considerably dps at a long range, but is also pretty tanky sometimes. This Hawk pilot kept trying to stay closer than 5km though. I dunno why, but Im not too worried bout it. I just set my orbit of him to 6500 and keep myself outside his nos range. Switching my web and scram to the Rifter, I begin to explode him. Sadly, he got out of my range and ran off in structure! One down, two to go!

Switching web and scram to the Firetail, 3d lands on grid. I first call the 'tail as primary, but quickly notice the distance increasing between us. I re-order 3d to fire on and get point on the Hawk while mine cycles through the deactivation process. The Firetail escapes in deep armor. I re-heat my launchers and go full-on crazy on the hawk pilot, hitting approach and applying the web and scram. With my attention focused now, I notice the Hawk is TDing me. "What an idiot," I say to myself, "tracking disruptors wont help you avoid my rockets, kiddo!"

With the added dps of 3d's Rifter, the Hawks shields soon dropped past the optimal regen section. He was trying to escape, even webbed, the Hawk is a fast ship. Luckily, he didnt have a faction scram like myself and he was outside his scram range while I closed range again with my MWD; preventing his escape from us! GFs were exchanged in local while I was being accused of not using a scram and being dual web fit. This irritated me somewhat, because I knew these guys were idiots who were being sore bout getting curb stomped on my front porch, so I hastily linked my fit to show I wasnt fit as they said. Not that I care bout sharing my fits, but I shouldnt have given free info like that. Im sure they were salty at the killmail they lost though with their failed attempt at killing me!

Anyhow, with me surviving and getting a killmail from a 3v1 (+1 for hero tackle 3d!), Im pretty happy. 3d seems to be a competent pilot who can follow orders, which Im thankful for. The Hawk pilots friends pretty much fled when 3d landed on grid, they didnt even bother sticking around to take a loss with their friend when they saw a second R1fta tag show up on grid.

So basically, dont fuck with me, bitches! You interrupted my sun bathing!!


  1. Actually, TDs are supposed to affect missile flight time now.

    1. My mistake then, I thought those changes were pushed back; according to linked devblog, under the future toys section. If they were added, I missed it in the patch nots.

      "We also wanted to update the Tracking Disruptors to affect missiles too, but the version we implemented was too limited (it only worked if you were flying certain ships and/or the enemy was using certain missiles). We haven’t found a good universal solution yet, so we’ll have to wait on this one."
      -CCP SoniClover

  2. "He was trying to escape, even webbed, the Hawk is a fast ship."

    Compared to battlecruisers, sure, hawks are fast.

    1. If only I was in a battlecruiser, right?