Monday, May 14, 2012

Vengeance vs Retribution

OOOOO!!! An Amarrian assault frigate fight! Yeah, I havent written in awhile, been busy with RL and crap like that. After an unsuccessful roam around the entire low sec ring of Molden Heath, I found myself back in Bosena. I dont really visit Bos much, unless Im passing through to Teon on an alt. So when when I saw a retri pop up on scan I was ecstatic! I promptly commanded him to warp to the sun, which I also did to show him my ship on dscan.

Luckily, from my 10 minutes in a Retribution, I knew I could outtank him as well as kill him. The problem would be to get him into scram range to turn off his mwd. Surprisingly, he actually landed at the sun, roughly 100km away. I guess he was expecting a trap, there were a couple others in local. I approached him as he did the same. I popped a strong exile booster and immediately regretted doing so due to the Capacitor Capacity penalty I incurred this time. Around 70km, I popped on the mwd and went full speed ahead, right into his face! I turned off the MWD too early though, landing around 20km from my target. I had him locked and he returned the gesture, however, he was able to land the first shots due to scorch. He settled into an 18km or so orbit, dipping into 16-17km often. I tired of this dance quickly.

OH'ing my web, and hitting approach, I refired the MWD while slowing my target. Checking my effects, I was not being scrammed, or webbed. I set my orbit to 1km and allowed the MWD to do its thing. Maybe the faster speed would hurt his tracking, I thought, forgetting about sig size increases. Due to the penalty I took from the booster and ignoring my cap pretty much, I was running low, pulsing my repper now. At one point, I forgot to turn it back on allowing him to hit me down to around 40% armor. The alarms beeping reminded me to turn on and overheat the repper! I also had to turn off my mwd, allowing me to orbit much closer and a lower speed.

Now this was a pretty good fight, however, at the same time, I was moving an alt through the system with some high value items in the hold. I was distracted basically. My launchers were overheated. My repper was OHd. I forgot bout that. When I noticed, I turned off the OH on repper and launcher, but it was too late for the launchers, they were on their last cycle, and were offlined when it finished.

Unfortuneately, because I wasnt scrammed or webbed, I could have left at any time. My opponent on the other hand, I had to let go due to not being able to kill him. I also didnt want to call in backup for this kill, I didnt feel it would be fair to the other guy, considering he got lucky at 40 or 50% structure when my launchers offlined. Damn, wheres that nano paste when you need it!!

Its been awhile since I had a fun little 1v1 like this and I made many, many mistakes that fortuneately enough for myself, didnt result in me losing my ship. I now carry nano paste with me (thanks from someone I killed previously who dropped it for me) just in case I burn my weapons alot again, but not all the way.

Ive also been working on some PI and have been looking into wormhole PI as well as working up my scanning skills. I dipped into a c3 from Hrober last night, that was fun, but I was unprepared to actually do anything there, so I left after making a bookmark or two.

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