Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kiting Vengeance vs Wolf (wut?!)

I was kind of bored. There were several people in Heild, so I undocked and warped to a couple safes, scanning around. Found a wolf and dram at the plex. Nifty, Ill crash this party, I says to myself. Landing on grid, I find them 100 or so km from me. Well, this is annoying. I approach the wolf with mwd on, passing the dram who I know can out run me.

Well, the wolf is out far enough and fast enough to orbit me, and the dram dipped into 30km range, so I approached him instead. OHd the web, snagged him with it at 17km. Sadly, he was still going fast enough to get back out of range. I got bored chasing these guys, so just warped out to my sun safe. I found out later that the dram died and I whored on the killmail. Whatever, Ill take it.

The wolf wanted a 1v1 soon, so I sent a fleet invite. Eventually, she accepted. While at my sun safe, the wolf landed on grid, 200km away. Anyways, I approached, she approached. In the time between this and leaving the kiting plexers, I had been inspecting their profiles and doing my research. Im not normally one to call people out on their special-ness and lack of knowledge, however, this one deserves to be called on for sheer stupidity in knowledge of a Vengeance. I dont care if you dont fly this ship. There are some things you just need to know. The first and foremost thing about a Vengeance is that it is NOT a kiter. The Vengeance is 100% brawling badass. We are subject to being easily kited, so Ill give you that, just in case you were confused. Anyways...back on topic...

Our range reached 30km or so, at which point I was bothered to target. Around 18-20km, this wolf started to orbit me. Or keep at range....Either way, it was a mistake. I shot straight up, looked at my target to watch when she adjust flight to chase me, and then quickly hit approach; at which point I was easily in OH'd web range (18km), followed by OHd scram range (12-13km). With her mwd disabled, and mine still going, I turned it off when I reach 5km, applying my orbit range of 1km.

By this point, she had killed my shields, like most people. At this range, I knew the autocannons would do more damage being in optimals or close to it. I wanted to test my armor tank though, so did it anyways. She had also switched ammo I think, as the incoming damage increased noticeablely. Well, shes not without some knowledge of ammos, at least. But it was definately too late for her, as her armor was plumeting quickly. I finished her structure off and gave a gf in local.

In fleet chat however, she said I should try flying something other than my Vengeance because an MWD cant beat it. With the Vengeance being my favorite ship by far to fly, I said its the only one I do fly. She replied that she just wont fight Vengeances anymore. After seeing her fit in the killmail, I suggested trying something else, like an AB instead. I also mentioned that plenty of other ships have trouble in 1v1 against my ship, apparently to her was epeen waving and she promptly left fleet at this point.

During this entire fight and the buildup to it, I was sharing her blog and thoughts of my ship (and others). I feel it unfair to not link her blog, so here it is, specifically the post that made me laugh at her. Some of what she says is right, other things are just flat wrong. Im not going to waste my time explaining it all, because theres plenty and you can figure it out yourself.

Ill just say shes a woman, and give her that as an excuse for being wrong.


  1. I've been kited by a Vengeance before. I once had one sit out at the edge of falloff/neut range thanks to his web and my lack of a web. It's why I hate flying any wolf without a TE.

    In fact, if you have a web, this is how you beat 90% of the wolves out there... well, the brawler types, not the FOTM arty shit.

    1. Then my apologies. I do sit in the 6500m-7km range when fighting most ships. I dont consider this kiting though, as I can easily go into 1km range as well and do the same thing. I just dont like to be in small neut range.

      My thoughts of kiting when using frigate vessels are 10km+ outside normal scram and web range and using speed to not get hit by me.

  2. I agree, I would call "kiting" anything outside of overheated scram range. And in any case, you can't really kite in a Veng since they're so slow. Anything with a web of it's own will be faster than you by atleast 80-100m/s.

    1. I guess when you have an optimal range of 500m with falloff of 5km or something, anything is kiting you since youre always in falloff =P

  3. Hello. Ava here.

    My response, in case anyone's interested, is on my blog.