Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reaper vs Legion

Thats right ladies and gents, the Minmatar rookie ship vs a damn Legion!

Well, sort of. I had my jita clone in perimeter and needed to pick up a skill book in jita that wasnt available where I was. There was some others a few jumps out, but meh, I needed to get back to 4-4 for some contract setup stuff anyways. I also wanted to see if the rookie ship would be able to evade the navies that would undoubtedly be chasing my flashy red ass.

I made it all the way to the station, in my reaper nonetheless. I landed and Scotty said I was getting docked in. Then, my ship exploded. Well fuck me! I spam the dock button and get the session changing timer error thingy. Then, Im not in space anymore and Ive returned home to Heild. Definately not where I want to be. Here would be the result of that loss....

Now, here's where it gets fuzzy for me. Ive always thought if you killed a pod in highsec, concord would get you and you would take a sec status hit for such actions. Its why flashy reds fly around high sec in their pods, they're still "safe". Did these rules get changed? If not, the Legion guy took an exspensive suicide for a shiny killmail like the one I gave. If you can shoot flashy pods and not suffer the consequences of suicide ganking, I didnt know this and these specific mechanics are news to me.

These rules must be news to other people too, because as I write this, I am moving my empty pod from Heild to Amarr, sitting at each and every gate that has a combat ship near it to see if anyone will pop my flashy pod. So far, no one has, and Im only a few jumps from Amarr now.

Im not mad bout this loss, but I am irritated by it that I didnt dock when I should have. Ive only given up 1 pod loss related to combat since Ive had this character and this loss bothers me since it wasnt even combat, just due to some ganker. Ill probally rebuy my +5 implants, but I wont make the mistake of going to Perimeter and back to Jita again. =P


  1. 2 things:

    You get a Session change timer when you lose a ship. Warp away if you get blown up even a BS has a good chance of popping your pod before you can dock up or jump through a gate.

    Your sec status is -8.7, anyone in highsec can pod you without repercussions.

    1. I knew about the session change timer when ship explodes, however, I did not know that it caused you to be unable to dock, similar to the fleet joining or leaving timer Im guessing?

      And if thats the case, why does no one ever shoot my pod when Im flying around High Sec flashy and shyt? Out of the kindness of their hearts perhaps?