Sunday, October 14, 2012

Retribution: WTF?

So I see all this doom and gloom about the new exspansion. Lots of people are pissed off about it. But me? I think its going to be pretty cool. I look forward to the changes to cruisers, as Ive been wanting to upgrade to medium ships for awhile now, and what better time to do so than when they get buffed, eh?

I have myself a stash of 15 arbitrators with a shield fit in mind for 10 of them, but after fighting in two of them and losing one, Im pretty sure I will be adjust it as I go forward. I cant wait for the fifth lowslot on this cruiser to come, as I will then be using an armor fitting for awhile most likely. Or more drone upgrades, which I like my drones so I need to train more into them. Anyhow....

I got distracted. Sorry bout that. Back to Retribution. The new crimewatch system is coming, and to me, it looks f'ing fantastic! It dumbs things down as far as statuses go when being able to be shot at without repurcussions (or with by having concord come save you), but it also makes some changes to sentry guns and other such aggression mechanics. The thing of not taking GCC for shooting/exploding ships is pretty cool. Its happened more than once that I took sentry gun fire for not paying attention if I had GCC or not.

But Im flashy red as it is. Or solid red, as the changes came in someday that I didnt notice. Either way, Im below -5 sec status, so for the most part, these changes going through wont change much at all for me. I still wont be liked in high sec and people can still shoot me for any reason in low or null sec if they feel like it. For me, these changes mean little other than I can roam through gates now without GCC. Woo buddy!

But theres the kill rights and bounties features. I look forward to both of these. Being able to sell or buy kill rights? Heck yeah! Being able to get bounties for exploding ships as well as pods? Even better. Maybe now I can make a living as a pirate making money from bounties the other pirates I hunt have aquired. Well, guess thatd make me a bounty hunter then, eh? Thats pretty fucking epic right there, imo.

When I first joined EvE, bounty hunting was on the top of my list of things I wanted to be. Upon further inspection though, I learned bounty hunting in EvE was a terrible, messed up cluster fuck of a system. So I ignored it. Now, I can actually be a bounty hunter that gives me a ranking, for pure Epeen purposes. I...CANT....WAIT!!!!

Selling killrights is something that still needs to be worked out in the details, but is on the way in as well. Sharing those killrights with the general public is going to be awesome. I see alot of exploiting of the system at first, until the finer details of Crimewatch 2.0 have been discovered by the players. I see alot of petitions coming back "Working as intended" with alot of tears on the forums, both of gankers, griefers AND the prey of their attacks. Already, there are so many high sec "PvP" tears right now, its like I need to go to the tear bucket store and buy more buckets!

So, yeah...Im looking forward to these mechanics and game changes, because EvE has become stagnant in several areas for a long time now. I am glad the devs are putting in the groundwork for the long term future now. Its not often a game, an MMO at that, can claim to have over 9 years of repeated growth. I only hope that New Eden is still a "niche" game 10 more years from now.

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