Friday, October 19, 2012

What Makes Home "HOME"??

The above question comes from a blog banter a month or two ago, maybe more, about where and why people choose to call a specific place home. I dont remember if I wrote a post of my own about it or if I even commented on it. Yet like many of my posts, Im too lazy to actually check myself.

So what is home to me? It where I store all my things. Its where I go to relax and cool off, usually defending from invaders. For almost a year, Ive made my home in Heild. Going on vacations to Eugales or forgetting things in the storage warehouses in Amarr space dont really make those places my home. Home is where your heart is and my home is and will probally always be Heild, Planet X, Pator Tech School station. As far as a corporation being home? I feel this is where I came into my own in the world of New Eden. I definately grew and learned alot while here with the Black Rebel Rifter Club. Its good to know that my quarters with them will always be available. The Rebels will always be home to me.

However, Ive left r1fta once again. The first time, I really had planned on staying, but I made the mistake of blindly joining them before knowing the people. They seemed cool, attitudes similar to r1fta (took me 2 or 3 days to join them and then another 2 or 3 days to re-join r1fta). Things just didnt flow for me with them. Not saying they were bad guys, just not my guys. So they were not a new home for me. I stole and alliance level contract and went back to Heild with the spoils. With corp theft as a new accomplishment under my belt, I was unable to join many other alliances who I gave full disclosure, and for reasons I understood.

As things go, I joined with an alt, pretended to be a newbie and got to these guys. As I went, I did lie to them, but I got tired of it and divulged the truth to three or four people one slow night. They all claimed they didnt care and thought it was cool. With this reassurance, I told the director of the corp who recruited me. And with that, I was good to go. I slowly started being more and more open with my corpmates about Korvus. Id like killmails or lossmails, fits I fly and generally was able to be myself with no limits. The people are what make a home a real home.

People in r1der are awesome. They are knowledgeable, they are competent, and most of all, they are a family. I feel this is why I was able to remain in r1fta for so long. For me, about 10 months with r1fta is a lifetime in an MMO. I havent been with the same corp, guild, clan for that long since the days of EverQuest 1. I have a great respect for everyone in r1fta, even the newbies joing Black Dragon Fighting Society. So Ill miss those guys.

Joining Suicides-R-Us, I thought the name was kinda janky, weird to me. But the recruiter was a cool guy and I felt I could get along with him and the type of people he claimed to have in corp, and so far, things have been going well. Korvus left r1fta, joined DIII (I guess a reference to Darius III), and hauled a few ships down to the home system, IOO. Its a stationless system for now, basing out of PoS's for a few people, and I hope to have a station someday here because PoS living is terrible. The people in DIII are pretty cool, I get along with most. I havent really integrated myself into the alliance wide levels of popularity, and for now, I dont plan to.

So how does this all relate to home? Well, home is where your heart is. My heart is still in Heild, and I still stalk the r1fta forums and The Autocannon. I have vast supplies of ship fittings, loot, and other assorted goodies in Heild and Im basically too lazy to sell or move all of it. And yet, Im feeling this pull to null sec, and I want to be a part of it. As a pirate in low sec, I was almost always broke. As a pirate in null sec, Ive already accumulated a nice supply of wealth; a few ships, a plex or two, ect.

Home is really where you make it.

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