Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ISK Comparison, Minus the Charts

Things have been kinda busy for me, both IRL and in New Eden. As some may or may not know, Ive moved out to nullsec. I joined Suicides-R-Us [DIII]. Interesting corp name I thought to myself when the recruiter contacted me. Anyhow, Ive been busy. I was reading over on Mabrick's Mumblings his accounting thing for the last two months. I didnt bother messing with his images that were difficult to read because I was too lazy to do the extra clicks to read them. However, at the end, his two month profit for a c3 wormhole was kinda shocking to me. Almost 800 million ISK he's made. In two months. To me, that isnt alot, but then again, Ive never lived in a wormhole.

For me, Ive been in DIII for 40 days. It took me a few days to actually get down to null sec with them. My first weekend with them (Friday - Monday) I made enough ISK to plex one of my accounts. This is not running anoms. This is not exploration, not scamming, not stealing, not doing PI, mining, or any kind of industry. I was salvaging the sites for two or three hours a day, each of those four days. The sites were not being looted or cleaned up by the people worried about the bounties and their ticks.

Salvaging is the easiest income source Ive ever done; from mining, to PI to industry and building things. It requires very little investment in skill training to fly a noctis compared to a ratting battleship or tengu. The downside to this profession is that you rely on other people to make it viable. If no one is running sites, blueing their wrecks, you dont make any money. PI is pretty simple, but it takes too long to make similar amounts of isk that one character salvaging null sec sites makes.

Im not all detailed focused like Mabrick is, so I dont have any fancy charts for you, but here's a few things Ive bought in the 40 days Ive been with DIII in null. I started with only my noctis and a bestower. My first haul to Jita, I was able to buy a PLEX with some leftover. The left over iskies, I put into blink, roughly 100misk and lost it.

My next haul was only about 90 misk, and I got ganked due to a drag bubble I had forgotten about putting me 15km from the gate. Next haul, I replaced the hauler, got cargo rigs on it and bought another PLEX for my main account. Then I put 250misk into blink and won/lost but kept playing til I was out of isk again. I think this is around my second or third week salvaging. A few more trips to Jita, Ive bought an Absolution, a Guardian, and played more blink. I think at one point, I deposited 700misk into blink and played til I was broke again. I love playing blink and dont really play it to win anything, I just do it cuz its fun and I enjoy it; if thats not obvious by now.

And a couple of weeks ago, I lent a newbie to the corp 300misk to buy a PLEX for himself. He left corp a day or two later and I still havent gotten that isk back. Few days ago, I gave 400misk to another corpmember who was short for buying himself a new carrier or something. I didnt mind, I had and could afford to lose it if he doesnt pay me back either. Ive got another 450 misk in salvage that needs hauled to Jita in the next day or two, but Im waiting for a freighter to be available because Id rather not haul that much in my bestower. But a freighter is only 4 days away from being piloted by myself, so I may just wait til I have enough isk to buy one for a return trip home.

So in my last 40 days, Ive made at a minimum three billion isk. This doesnt include the things Ive still got stored over in Heild and the 600 misk worth of fittings and modules I gave to an old corp mater in r1fta for free. Whether or not he'll toss some spare ISK my way eventually, I dunno, but its not a big deal.

Basically, I think my point here is that for all the complaints about high sec being risk free, high rewards, they need to look at nullsec because DAMN! I mean, nullsec isnt as safe as high sec because ::concord::, but by having a decent intel channel (and paying attention to it), I risk my 300misk Noctis daily for such a huge income. If I wouldnt spend it all on blink, I might actually have a couple bisk of liquid ISK.

Null Sec income is nuts.


  1. Well if you ever feel like throwing me some ISK for my Archon that would be great Korvus ;L

    But in all seriousness,FW is starting to grate on my nerves, and I was thinking about trying out Null for awhile, so if you could put in a good word with your current corp I'd love to join up with you guys :D

    1. Will do, just send me an evemail when youre ready and Ill fast track you =)

    2. Comin' late to this party but wanted to give you my .2 ISK...

      Yea, 800M ISK is not a lot by null stds. I know, I spent a few months there (yuch)(sorry, I HATE null...) and I am an L5 Noctis pilot running all T2 fit, 'cept rigs AND a set of "Prospector" salvage 'plants so I have a game max 130% change of pulling max salvage AND my fav pastime when I was in Null was as a salvager...

      Due to my interest in L&S my corp even changed their policies and started a L&S purchase program so we didn't have to truck it out ourselves, so I know very well what you speak of.

      BUT what you are not seeing is;
      (1) you cannot compare Null Alliance space, IE belt and site ratting spawns rates etc. w/ a single C3 wormhole Sleeper spawn rates and;
      (b) ours is a small (very small) corp (granted w/o the Sov/Alliance/Null politics and BS to deal with...) and Mab plays a VERY laid back game... believe me, he isn't playing very hard.

      I pulled down ISK 1.2B ISK in the same period and my available OL time had been sharply curtailed just prior to that period... 1.2B ISK playing very casually is not bad I dunt care who ya are... =]

      See: http://turamarths-evelife.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2012-10-29T17:09:00-04:00&max-results=3

  2. Just felt like adding that I just got a haul into Jita again tonight. This is the biggest one so far, being over 1 billion ISK in salvage and looted items from the site.

    This means a few things. It means both of my accounts are paid until December 3rd. It means I bought myself a damnation with fit and the Amored Warfare Mindlink. Oh, and I bought the skillbooks to get my character into a Providence freighter.

    Maybe Ill hit up Seraph to use his instead of buying one again =P

    Also, Red Frog Freight is AMAZING. It took 37 minutes for them to accept my courier and complete it 8 or 9 jumps away. I did triple the asked reward to 15 misk, but Id like to keep RFF in business for things I dont want to move myself. I know myself though, and Im lazy. So even with my own freighter, Ill still use Red Frog Freight often.

  3. Not sure how many times I've said it, but null-sec isk is rediculous. And actually, that's a pretty low end of isk making as far as I'm concerned with 0.0. When you start running 8/10's and 10/10's, where you can easily make 800mil to 2 bil per site (respectively), the salvaging is peanuts.

    Basically speaking, if i need isk, i'd go hunt down some 10/10's with some friends, and at the end of 6 hours and 3 people we'd each normally be richer by about 2-3 billion once our stuff made it to market and sold.