Friday, June 8, 2012

Losses and More Losses

Here are some big losses I recently had; Not in the mood to post the few wins I did have.

After roaming around in my Merlin with Peri's weekly roam and grabbing a couple of pretty ships, I was disappointed that I didnt lose the ship. Rushing to setup my Merlin, I didnt notice I put on a thermic rigging for Armor, instead of Shields. Woopsy. Anyhow, I rushed into a fight and my first Merlin went boom against a Rifter!

I dont really remember how this fight went down. I think there was a call about some big ships around Heild, so I said fuck it and brought out my Legion. Being that the ships we were going to be fighting were BS's, I chose to not use a web; I went full on tracking disruption. Looking back, I should have fit a prop mod to help the TDs do their job, but I didnt. I also drpped all of my normal faction shinies, because I knew in my gut that the chances of losing my ship in this battle was extremely high. Again, hindsight is a bitch, and I think had I kept my bling, I may have been able to tank the stuff longer.

Eventually though, we would have succumbed because the outgoing dps from our small fleet was not enough to actually hurt the BS's. My Legion lasted quite a long time under fire, Im thinking due to the weak hits that were coming in from the Abaddon. However, once the Typhoon focused is fire on me as well, I was slowly slipping behind in damage race. When I noticed that the Abaddon was able to rep my dps easily, I switched fire to the Typhoon. When I popped, he was at 50-70% armor. I think had I shot the phoon first, with all 3 td's instead of two, we would have taken him out first. Oh well, live and learn.

My next loss was against a few other people who joined in near the end of my Legion loss. The second Merlin was trying to scoop loots I think as I was promptly shot and chased off field in my pod. At least the rigs on this one were right....

And finally, I lost another Vengeance this time, to Wensley of all people in his Thrasher. I had just woken up and saw him lecturinng the E-UNI guys in Heild. I offered up a 1v1 and it was accepted; tossed a fleet inv and undocked. Warped to him, but he was going like 2km/s or so and wasnt letting me closer than 25km. Well, I go to hit my prop mod, but I didnt have one fit! I had forgotten to drop one of my dual webs for an mwd. Woopsy. So I warped back to station to refit and caught some flak from Wensley being cowardly and other such things. I quickly refit and explained in reply to his taunts that I had no prop mod, couldnt catch him, so had to fix that problem. Apparently he thought I was part of EUNI, which I promptly corrected him on.

Anyhow, returning to the fight, I was easily able to catch Wensley now that I could go similar speeds. I OH'd my mwd to catch him with an OH'd web, which was then caught in an OH'd scram! Luckily, I only needed to OH my mids for one cycle. Launchers OH'd and shooting, I was missing him alot, he was just at the cusp of my rocket range, so I hit approach. This was a terrible mistake and he chewed through my armor like a hot knife to butter. I was taken totally by surprise by the amount of dps output on this thrasher; I wasnt even aligned out and Im sure he could have caught my pod had he wanted it. GF's were exchanged and I reshipped with my ctype nos's that had arrived while I was out fighting!

Although these losses had many mistakes by me, either underestimating my opponents or just being wrong, all of them were fun to lose.


  1. Hey man. I'm a 3M SP aspiring Amarr pilot, and I found your blog on Reddit, I think, and was totally inspired. I'd really like to get into PVP and was thinking starting out in a Punisher would be the way to go. Currently flying battleships to rat out in null sec and getting those skills up, but as soon as that's comfortable I want to start getting into AFs and Recon ships. But before I fly those fancy things I have a lot of PVP learning to do.

    I was wondering if you had advice on engaging people with a punisher. I see that an AB and web seems to be the standard solo fit for a punisher? What sort of mindset do you go into a fight with, i.e. what are your goals as far as range, etc.

    1. I kind of skipped the t1 ships tbh. I didnt like the Rifter, and the limitations of the Punisher 2 mids irker me. I also had no intentions of flying the Caldari or Gallente ships at the time. I just beared it up til I could sit in a Vengeance, so my advice for the t1 ships is limited. Ive seen some punishers go no prop mod, and engage other slow and small ships. The Punisher with lasers being limited on damage dealing types, so fighting an equal Rifter pilot, you will most likely lose if you use lasers. Not that they are bad, just limited. I will say though, that the Merlin is a badass little ship.

      For an AF, Vengeance specifically, I take full advantage of the ships resist profile and fit my ship to max those out. I do use faction items in my tank to achieve higher resists (cpu usage is too high on regular modules). I use a faction web and scram to catch kiting people (outside regular scram/web range of about 9-10km is kiting to me). Some call this buying wins, I just have lost a few ships and from each loss figured out why I lost and tried to adjust and tweak my fit to not lose it again in the same way. So far, my biggest weaknesses are close range blasters (Enyo), ECM, and longer range stuff that likes to sit outside 18km. Otherwise, I feel that I have good chances against everything else similar sized (frigates)

      Also, I find it interesting Im mentioned on Reddit. =)