Thursday, November 15, 2012

Goings Ons

Been a bit since last post, but that's nothing new to my blog; no matter how much I try to change it. Anyhow, just a small update on the latest and greatest events of my corp and alliance.

So I'll start with my corp. Its going. Slowly growing and expanding our systems, increasing sov bills. I made a generic recruiting post on the forums with a bump every few days. I recruited (with the lead given from The Nothingness) an industrial corp to the alliance to provide my corp with a ship replacement program. For now, I'm only going up to Battlecruisers; but have plans to expand that as we need. Because these efforts (amongst others) I have been promoted to Director status of Suicides-R-Us. Pretty fucking cool, IMO.

As far as the corp goes, its pretty much meh. I have not tried to inject myself into alliance wide politics yet and don't plan to do so until my corp is structured in a way that isn't pretty much an Anarchy. Even r1fta has its structure without structure philosophy. I've heard people say our blue status with other alliances have changed, even as far as teaming up with Evoke. Like I said, I haven't moved to make an attempt in joining the inner circle of leadership in Brick. For now, I don't plan to either.

Our space has been attacked a few times, but usually not when Im online, so I dont really join those fleets. DIII is spreading out a bit, with plans to takeover a couple more systems, both for strategic alliance reasons and as "safer" corporate ratting space. We'll see how this plan goes, but I think it will turn out pretty good. I am also looking for an artist to draw a banner for our corp forums, as I am getting those setup to be a useful resource to browse.

On a non-EvE related note, a roam I had planned for about a week or two fell flat on its face. Around 2:00pm on Tuesday, about 3 hours before my scheduled roam to low sec for the corp and invitation to the alliance, I had to take my spouse to the E.R.. She is diabetic and couldn't get her blood sugar level down. Trips to the hospital always begin this way, BTW. In the end, we were told she'd be held overnight for observation to stabilize her blood levels. It took awhile, so we had to stay a second night. Finally, she was released today with a clean bill of health, minus the diabetes.  Luckily, shes doing well now and received more and better guidance from this hospitals doctors than any prior hospital she visited.

Next time though, shes driving herself so I can run the roam I have planned!


  1. D3 means Darius the Third right? Just want to clear that up...

    1. DIII is the corp tag for Suicides-R-US. But yeah, I guess when the current CEO was making the corp, the only thing that popped into his head was DIII since at the moment of creation, he was in conversation with Darius.

      Just a tidbit of corp history, I guess.