Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long Time Update

Wow! Its been a long, long time since I last posted. Not intended, I just have been lazy and not in the mood to write. However, today, I shall write a small bit of an update.

So we last left off with our wormhole being attacked. We chased them off, only to have more people come in the next weekend. They were camping the HS exit hole, playing jumping games out to HS when they would get low on shield or armor. Eventually, they pissed me off and I ganked one of them and his pod on the his sec side with my destroyer. Pretty sure they didnt like that. Over the weekend, I lost my Vengeance and few more ships and my HG Slave implant pod, Ash lost an Abaddon, an Orca, and a Freighter even I think.

Prior to these losses, we had been discussing joining a null alliance as a corp. After these losses, we began moving in that direction. Looking around at sov holding alliances that were looking for corporations, we found a home in Darkspawn. They hold sov out in Wicked Creek, are friends with several other alliances and have a strong showing of force throughout all timezones. And so, we've moved out to the backwoods of null sec.

Darkspawn. are more like a giant corporation, though. Loosely set rules, minimal overwatch, and a joint vision between everyone: Living in and defending our home region. We've spent the last 2 weeks moving out there with jump freighters, which is costly. With the coming changes to resources, we've been looking to recruit some miners. To get ourselves out there, we've also been trying to recruit pvp'ers. I succeeded in getting two former r1fta pilots, but things have fallen flat on the industrial side of things. Ash is gonna work on that end, he says. We, as a corp goal, want to gain sov of a system and help the alliance build another station in our home region.

We are recruiting industrialists, miners, and people who want to join medium to large fleets flying battlecruisers, hictors, logi, tackle, battleships, and several other types of ships. If you want to know more, contact Ashirka or myself, Korvus Falek.

So yeah, thats whats up with me and my small corporation.

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