Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Response to the Bonus Room

I am only posting this because my comment was lost in a string of 200+ comments over on Ripard Teg's blog post about Erotica 1's "Bonus Room". I just copied and pasta'd my comment, so if the formatting is off, oh well.

However, I cant be the only EvE Online player who feels the same way.

Lost in a long string of comments, I didnt read any of them, however, my opinion is probally posted by someone else.

What the bonus room shows does is take advantage of the weak minded, weak willed people in the world. Not a single person forced any participant to hand over all assets. Not a single person forced any participant to continue being "tortured" in such a way.

EvE Online is a game, pure and simple. The people who take it beyond that, such as the participants in the bonus room, are the people who need to seek help in real life and have issues in their lives beyond what was created by Erotica 1. 

Dont misunderstand me, though, I do NOT agree with the way Erotica 1 gets his wealth or enjoyment from EvE. However, I DO agree with the vision of New Eden being a dark, harsh, cold and lonely place to play for *some* demographics of players.

It is the players themselves, who make these choices. Thus, the consequences of their actions or inactions for good or evil purposes are real. Extremely real, in some cases. Yet, as they say, EvE is REAL.

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  1. I listened to it all and was cheering for the 'bad guys'. Fuck that cry baby. :)