Saturday, October 29, 2011

SBU Bashing

One of the aspects of null sec that I dislike with having done very little of actually doing it is blowing up PoSs and SBUs. However, this time had some potential for trouble as I came into it late by about an hour or so and I figured someone had noticed by now. I was pretty tired though, so I wasnt sure how long of this torture Id be able to endure.

As I arrived to L-6, I warped into find that the SBU had just started taking a beating, roughly 90% shields left. Wooo! About 2 hours of shooting my awesome torps at this! Torps because we had a nice sized fleet of Stealth Bombers shooting torps at this SBU. Sounds fun, yeah? No, not really.

Then some guy in a dramiel came out. Warping in and out at 100-200km, he was annoying. Then his Ares friend did some similar flying. Or his alt, which I think I saw mentioned in local at some point. Either way, the Ares was pretty dumb and got himself caught.

Now,this may not seem like much, but for me, it was pretty cool. I had a target painter (as did everyone else I gathered from all the red lines pointing this guy) and I quickly had my torps shooting towards him. He started out at about 5km from me, but he was a fast bastard and I had no webs. Others did, but Im a slacker with only a long point. I like to think I helped in stopping him from warping off, but with 30+ people targeting this interceptor, I doubt I helped much. After all, my torps did an amazing 56 damage to him!

Anyhow, the SBU went down and several of us decided to head home. Being that we were all in covert ops ships, someone offered to light a cyno and use their black ops battleship to jump us home. How nice of him I thought, saves me the time of 10 jumps home. Well, this entirely boring couple of hours was made entirely worth it for me in this upcoming bridging.

Ive never seen a Redeemer actually in space. First cool thing. Second, he opened a bridge to the cyno. I was zoomed in kinda close to my ship when this happened, so when I suddenly saw a distortion with lightning and other weird anomalies I was pretty freaked out. As I zoomed out, I saw the Redeemer sitting in the middle of this newly opened wormhole. Ooooo, covert ops jump portal generator. Definately got to myself one of those someday.

After standing in awe of this spectacle before me, I almost missed my chance to jump through and quickly figured out how to do so. Cloaking up and waiting a minute more for everyone to be ready for the second and final jump, I opened up EVEMon and setup a future plan for a Redeemer. Long term plan, but eventually, it will be cool to fly one of those ships.

Fun times were had on comms, albeit boring times shooting torps. I look forward to actually doing some ops, but in the meantime, Im getting some ships setup down in lowsec for some rematches against former foes.

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  1. the reason we bash SBUs in cov ops is because right now there isn't a reimbursement policy. If there was, there would have been a full on CTA to destroy all of them inside of an hour instead of the 8 it took.

    when you get on real fleets and not structure shoots, I think you'll find the appeal of null.