Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lifes Little Things

Apologies for abruptly just disappearing. A big change in a loved ones life and her needing my help through it was a bit more important than even just logging in to update the blog. Luckily, R1fta are a cool group of people and allowed me to take a leave of absence. Im back for now at least, and my first day back provided a nice little kill.

Logging in, on my shiny new laptop, I had to adjust my ui and settings and try to remember all the channels I had joined. Smaller screen though, so not enough room for everything Im used to having up. While dicking around with these minor things, a shout went out for help killing a CNR. Its a battleship, so I said screw it, Ill join up in my lil Vengeance.

And with that, a fun little hour of cat and mouse started. The CNR had a cloak, so he was being cautious and really wasting our time hoping we'd give up. Well, we didnt, and eventually, our cloaky scout got an alignment to the pilots cloak spot. What we forgot was that cloaked ships dont uncloak each other anymore, and when this was realized, our cloaked scout uncloaked. Once this was done, the CNR unlcoaked also....64m from our scout. Needless to say, point and tackle were tossed out and the fleet warped in. The BS shields melted. The pilot wasnt attacking back, so we paused combat and thought he might want to offer a ransom for his ship.

Then popped up the self destruct timer. Well, guess not, resuming our assault, his armor just got eaten. I was thinking, "wow, this ship sucks!" And when he exploded, I locked and pointed the pod. Go me! Pod killed! This chain of events brought me down from -0.29 to -1.64 sec status! Woo!

Looking at the km, it shows why he wasnt shooting and his defenses were overwhelmed so easily. Only a cloak and a couple cargo expanders? Wtf, man? And only a few implants, no crystals or anything? WTF, MAN? Its not nice to tempt us with shinies loot and not actually have any! Oh well, still a half a billion isk ship kill on my first day back. Not too bad imo!

As I went to add the links to the killmails, EVSCO went down, so the links are avail right now, but you can find the link to my kb on the right side under my links section =)

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