Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Youre Not a Special Snowflake.

First of all, I am insanely bored right now. I have not been in the mood to log in and blow up one of my Vengeances either, because I am looking forward to these AF buffs coming. Im a couple days from finally getting into a Sacrilege with arablast launchers, 13 total days from getting into t2 versions. So looking to the future, it is going to be alot of exspenive fun, and I cant wait for it. And therein lies the problem causing me to be bored. I have alot of exciting shit in the near future and Im just not in the mood to blow through ships with the changes coming.

I bought a few gisti mwd's, trying to avoid buying medium sized faction or deadspace reppers though, they are a few million above what Im willing to spend on one module for a solo ship. Ive also won a few fed navy webs on blink and so I will be fitting those to one or two Vengeances, saving a couple for my Sacrilege fits, since he will be trying to engage and keep range at 15km or so. Im really interested in fighting a malediction or some other interceptor who likes to stay outside web range. Mostly because I want to see their reaction to an 18km web. =P While losing my Sac's and Veng's, I think Im going to train my gunnery skills up to start flying a Wolf.

Not much has happened in the way of combat for me the last few days, so Im going to post alittle on the "Consentual PvP" blog banter thing going on. Actually, no, Im not. Others have said it pretty well, and I personally play EVE for that non-consensual pvp. I like the harsh consequences for screwing up; althouth it is personally frustrating to lose ships and isk, I try to learn from my mistakes to not make them again. That alone makes me a better player. And thats something gaming needs: good gamers. There are so many terrible gamers in the world now, it has affected all games in general.

Developers see that "WoW" design and money that followed and constantly have been trying to replicate its effect. And they have failed miserablely. Just look at Aion, Rift, WAR, and I could go on and on with a list of games that have invested heavily to get to WoW status. I dont mean to say they "failed", because obviously, most are still around and making money, which is a "success". I say "failed" because they attempted something to get similar results as what they copied, and thats how they failed.

Give me something original, something that captures my attention, not something thats already been done and you just repackage it in a new box (pretty graphics) and say heres a new game! I enjoyed SWG pre-CU/NGE. I dont care who messed that game up, but they made a huge mistake as has been shown over the years. I enjoyed EQ1 to a point, and ever since, MMO games seem to be catering to the lowest common denominator in their demographic.

They dont want to challenge you to do good anymore. They fear pissing you off. EVE players have shown over the last year that pissing off the playerbase is a bad idea. However, they pissed off the players in the wrong way. Your stupid actions (Leeroying basically) should have a consequences and you should feel the frustration of screwing up. Too many games now cater to the "everyone wins" mentality and it is destroying games that I used to enjoy playing.

When I was a kid, if you lost a tournement (lower than 3rd place), you basically got told try harder and you will win next year. You didnt get a trophy for "participating". Yes, I do feel that other should endure the difficulties of life and failure to learn how to deal with that failure in the future; or even better, not fail. Society doesnt seem to like this viewpoint though, everyone seems to be a special snowflake.

Speaking of special snowflake, I told a customer the other day that was having issues and trying to cut in line that she wasnt a special snowflake and is not allowed to push her way past other equal customers. She didnt like that and called over my boss. My boss agreed with me and the lady went back to the end of the line. I love people who think they are special snowflakes and assist in shattering their view of themselves.

It seems I did say something...Kinda off topic though =P


  1. How about T1 frigates? You can make some nasty Merlin and Rifter fits without blowing your Vengeances.

  2. You are correct sir, and I have opted for the Kestrel actually. However, they are up in rvb space and I was too lazy to fly up that direction. Perhaps tomorrow I will do so.