Friday, January 13, 2012

Week in Review

So this week has been pretty eventful for me. I had some RL changes that Im none to happy about that happened in the middle of the week, resulting in my frame of mind not being where it normally is, affecting my gameplay. You can see on my KB that Wednesday was the last kills or losses I had, only a couple days ago, and those kills were early in the morning for me, as in, before I went to bed Tuesday night. So things have been slow for me, hence the Thursday post. I was bored and wanted some conversation.

Anyhow, with the RL weekly review out of the way, my in game performance review. Ive been continueing my work on manual flight and several fights, I did very well in doing it right. Managing modules was fun too, I practiced with a corp mate in a jag I think (maybe wolf) and he was a tough one. I started out with explosive, but it wasnt hurting his shields, so I had to spend 10 seconds reloading thermic rockets, then another 10 seconds to switch back when his shields evaporated. I think me using rage rockets here also hurt, due to the 30-ish sig size of the ship. He was also neuting or nos'ing me, I dont remember which, but he was forcing me to managing my modules for capacitor as well as overheating them in pulses (thanks truen1ght for the tip on doing so)

It wasnt a real fight, but damn was it difficult for me. I dont know if it would have made a difference, but my corpmate was using EMP ammo instead of thermal. I dont think it would have matter with 82% resist in both EM and thermal on my side. I didnt find out if it was just regular ammo or faction/t2 he was using though. Either way, good practice.

I attacked a Bellicose, trying for an above class kill, finding out about dual neuts mid warp. Welp, Im mid warp, may as well go for it when I land, I say to myself. At the same time, I inform the corp I will most likely need help. With his shields gone, help arrives in the form of a Rifter I think. I am only barely able to manage my modules due to being neuted to hell and back, so my tank is basically buffered by resists now, slowly being chipped away. Then as I explode, a wolf comes in to finish the job. Not a solo above class kill, but my second one within a few days as part of an impromtu gang. Much better than what I was doing a few months ago =)

I feel low sec is where I belong. I really dont like null where the bubbles are all over station undocks and at alot of gates. I dont like using jump bridges, except when I was up in the north part of the NC, those were helpful, but only because the space was so vast. I enjoy taking that sec status hit, and I cant wait for the day I become flashy red with that big wanted sign below my name. It will make things difficult in high sec where I still frequently jump clone to, but I feel at that point, I will just use an alt on the same account like other people do. Annoying and inconveniant, but thats the price to pay for being flashy red. And I look forward to it.

Also, Im really loving R1fta. Another reason to love lowsec, little to no mandated fleet ops. None so far actually. To me, being a Rebel is about freedom. Freedom to do what you want, how you want it, when you want it. There are no schedules to adhere to or fleet doctrines to follow for fitting your ships. I mean, you'll still get lol'd at for a shit fit, but you will also be given tips to make it a better fail fit. I have also seen a great amount of assistance come from within the corpmembership. When we call for help, several people reply willingly to come help you blow someone up without much regard if they blow up also. Im still kind of not liking my ships exploding, but I do enjoy blasting others, so its a risk I will have to just get used to. Not that Im attached to my ships at all, its just...Losing. I dont like to lose =P

On a side note, I have become addicted to Somer Blink again. I won at least a billion isk worth of ships and items the other day while putting in only 300 misk. Examples of this include a few wolves and jags for 5 million isk each, a legion for 44.5 misk, a Worm for 12.5 misk, amongst others that Im sure my corpmates are tired of hearing about. Yes, I brag a little and I try not to, but its so fun. When I get into my Sacrilege stockpile and lose a few getting used to the ship, I am also debating on getting a clone with a set of Slaves in them just for flying that ship. With or without  Omega is also questionable, due to the benefits other slot 6 implants give. Im tempted to use a set with my Vengeance also, but the bonuses dont seem as pronounced with a smaller ship.

So things to work on for next week: Find an above class ship to solo. Stop blinking so much. Work on module management while being neuted. Finish training Amarr Cruiser 5, which will allow me to get into a Sacrilege, Guardian and Legion (once gunnery 5 is done also though). After that skill is done, I believe I will spend 14 days on getting Assault Frig 5. Doing so will boost my Vengeance capability a bit and keep me distracted while I train 10 days for Heavy Assault Missile 5, to fit t2 launchers on my Sac's. Other than those things, my skill training is looking very good. Drones 5 and support skills for them area  subject skill plan I want to get but is low priority due to me flying ships with little to no drone usage.

Ending this week, I need to get my attitude and outlook in a better place. Without that, I just dont have the motivation to make internet spaceships and exploding pixels a fun activity right now. Here's hoping I do that tonight =)

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