Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Double Feature

I know I already posted today, but heres a double feature post. Ive been super active and I feel if I hold these smaller fights back, they will be way old news. And they are actually, these happened over this previous weekend. Plus, Im sssuuuuupppppeerrrr bored right now. =P

Part 1
I jumped into a fleet with a few corpmates to kill a couple missioning Maelstroms and Nidhoggur. As soon as the tackle jumped in on them, they warped out. Yay for pre-aligned, insta warping!

Anyhow, they warped off to a PoS. Warping in, our covops tackle didnt last long due to a wolf jumping into the foray. Luckily, they made a fatal mistake. I warped in with the rest of the gang and dispatched the Maelstrom. He didnt have PoS rights, so he just bounced off the shields while his friends watched him die. I tried for the pod, but he got away before I finished locking.

Not much to learn here, as all the probing was already done and all I did was warp in and apply 8% of the total damage dealt. For us, it was a lucky kill due to the mistakes of their PoS person. Make sure if youre missioning in low sec space, pre-aligned to your PoS for safety; that ALL your fleet members have access to get inside the shield! I dont care though, I remembered to loot this time, but forgot to bookmark the PoS for future bashes. Oh well, maybe next time =P

Maelstrom storm!

Part 2
So I was sitting at the sun like I normally do due to laziness and the fact that Heild was pretty busy atm. I was scanning down a jag at a cluster of belts, and casually asked who's it was. Come to find out, he was scanning me also, and it was a corpmate. Woops. As I was warping out to go jump around a bit, a Rifter lands. Oooo, as warp ends, I turn around and go back at it. Im not above fighting a t1 frigate who comes to me.

Apparently he warped there for a 1v1, as I found out mid warp. Well, Ill just watch from 100km off then. I land and there's one rifter and a wreck. What do I do? I steal his loot, of course. Gotta make that money somehow, even scanvenging. Well, as I grab his loot, the rifter comes into range. Meh, ok, Ill blow him up, I say to myself.

Not so much. Soon after locking and blasting into the Rifter, an Ishkur and wolf soon join the fight. And out pop the drones. Needless to say, those things blasted through my armor like a hot knife into butter. As I hit hull, I aligned and spammed my warp key. Only...I didnt warp. My client froze on ship explosion and caused my pod to pop also. Worst part of this whole fight isnt that I lost 60 misk in implants, it was that I used my first booster and it did absolutely nothing to help in this fight, maybe even made it worse. Second worst part? The failure to move my clone to the Molden Heath Region somewhere and the 20-ish jumps back from Amarr. Follow the link and you can also find my pod lossmail.

Ship lost!

Things I learned: Dont fight someone I clearly am able to see 2 or 3 of his corpmates in same system. They were outside my scan range when I engaged, so I didnt see the ishkur. The wolf didnt bother me as I wanted to fight it instead of the Rifter anyways. Also, those drones freakin hurt. Hammerheads I think they were, but that seems off. Maybe Hobgolins, I dunno. Either way, there were 5 of them and I died before I could even kill one of them.

My win to a 1v3 the other day has been equaled out to a death in a 3v1 today.

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