Friday, January 13, 2012

A Little Bit of Null Doesnt Hurt

Ok, so Ive mentioned that I used to live out in null once or twice. You can dig for yourself to find where I spent a small amount of out in Branch as a miner. Well, I left a little bit before the NC collapsed and I luckily got all my stuff out, except for a couple PI things. Oh well. The alliance I was formerly in was Wildly Inappropriate. They folded into Goonswarm when the NC fell apart and its nice to see them being able to retake their space, as shown in the gif below.

So I dont live in null and at this time, have no plans to return there. I do revel in the fact that White Noise all but disappeared from Branch, Tenal and Venal in under 20 days. I like that WI jumped into a stronger alliance and reclaimed previously held space.

Some people, like Jester, probally wont consider this a "Great War"; and I dont either. It was however, a strategicly timed takeover. From what I have seen, there has been trouble in White Noise for a couple of months, dunno exactly what, but there was a rift. GSF noticed and needed something new to do with their Ice Interdiction slowing and fading from headlines.

Sov was taken away due to "rot" in an coalition, sov was regained by becoming stronger and striking when the enemy was weak. Anyhow, I just thought this was an interesting update thing; even though sov trades hands often in null and its nothing to care about normally. =P

Maybe its just the way I did it, but its a frozen gif above. The link for the actual gif in motion is here

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