Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Fun

Over the weekend, R1fta hosted a "Fight Night". I was only there for an hour or so, then I had to bail out for RL stuffs. I lost three or four vengeances, fought in a Rifter, and donated one of my centii A-type reppers to MB for beating with a wolf. That one was extremely close battle. I had forgotten to reload my ship when I undocked, so I had barely enough ammo to break through MB's shields before my outgoing damage went to nil, giving MB 10 full seconds of damage. I feel I would have won that fight had I not made the mistake of not having full launchers. A pretty good review of the full night can be found over at Miura Bull's place.

The fight with MB and the neut that was applied to me has opened my eyes to a possible fit with cap boosters. I tried a dual web approach in my fight against the wolf, removing my AB. I really like this setup, it dropped the Wolf's speed dramatically and allowed my rockets to do full damage with very little of it mitigated. I did forget to use my exile booster, so that may or may not have helped me. Like I said, I feel I did everything right in fight and could have won it had I had full launchers. A rematch is definately on my mind!

All the other fights were pretty fun imo. I jumped in with a couple TD's fit to whore on some killmails. There were a few slicers who wanted to take me down, but with an optimal range script TD on them, they refused to get close enough to actually hit me, which would have also put them in scram range and allowed my rockets to shoved down their throats. Most of my losses were to corp mates, so I dont feel so bad about that. My kills were about half and half of both R1fta and Gunpoint Diplomacy. I really want to fight Nicholai again, he assisted in a few of my ships exploding.

Any other news, Im playing Blink at an addicted level now. Recently won two hulks with only one ticket bought, boosting my credits considerablely. I donated out some ships to people who's blogs I enjoy reading; also due to my luck in Blink. My wallet was just about to hit the first billion of liquid isk Ive ever had, excluding the times when buying/selling plex. I soon realized this and splurged on 3 or 4 Sacrilege's and fittings to be ready for when I can fly them in a few days. Ive been sitting in Jita for awhile due to blink delivery location, so had them all freighted down to Molden Heath to be ready when I jump clone home.

Home. Speaking of that, my home is slowing switching from Akhragan/Amarr to Heild and Teon. Im not really sure what the closest trade hub down in MH is, I think Dodoxie?? I really enjoy my Domain region though. I can pass through it heading home to Heild from Jita, making it a nice little layover for me. Ive aquired some boosters for sell down in Heild, but they havent been selling off the market, so I may just use them for myself.

Ive also been playing the market a small amount due to my income from Blinking, and to my surprise, its turning out pretty good. I started with ammo as most people suggested and I think Im getting the hang of the buy and sell setups and the whole process in general. Trading is not something I will ever be good at, but I will be decent at it to make a nice side income.

Other than that, not much is going on out this way. Probally will be exploding ships more in the next few days =)


  1. Thanks for the Wolf bro. It's on its way to Heild as we speak, along with some new ships I can't wait to play with. As for trade hubs near MH... Rens and Hek are probably your best bet. Teon has a lot of stuff but it is high-priced iirc.

  2. Youre welcome!

    Ty for the info. With that the case, I will probally just trek back and forth from Amarr where Im used to.