Friday, January 6, 2012

The Week in Review

Im thinking this is a good ending trend for each week. It keeps me consistent on content and helps me set a goal for the next week while also allowing me to look back and see if I actually succeeded in the previous weeks goal or not. This prior weeks goal was to practice manual flight.

With this in mind, I dropped a can in a high sec safe and practiced keeping it within certain ranges while manual flying. Pretty simple excercise, considering the can doesnt move. I made it fun by switching back and forth between 2km and 6km, without going over 7.5km; the range on my rockets that I feel comfortable reaching to ensure they hit. At least until I max out the range skills, putting me at about 9.1km.

I need to work on those skills as well, any extra range my rockets can get is good. Currently, all missile skills that have an effect on rockets are level 4, excluding warhead upgrades, which is level 3 (going into level 4) and should be finished training later today. Ive got a plan for a "maxed" Vengeance that is done in 45ish days. I say "maxed" because Im probally not going to train the long 10+ day level 5 skills for a 2% bonus anytime soon. Im making an exception for the Assault Ships 5 (at 15 days) because more resists and a small boost in cap regen are both great for active tanking.

So manual flight isnt mastered, but Ive gotten to an acceptable level while pushing everything else in combat to the "white noise" part of my brain in combat. The next weeks goal will be to continue manual flight and adding in the overheating of modules and not burn any out, while getting as much time in OH mode as possible. This will be helped a little bit when I get Thermodynamics to 4 over the weekend, finishing late Sunday night.

I look forward to the AF buffs coming eventually, but as other people have stated, Im not sure on the mwd role bonus. I think a regular 4th bonus without CCP pushing ships into a specific role would be a better idea. The way the changes are looking at this point in time though, I know I will be switching to the Wolf if they go through. Luckily, my gunnery skills are average and will take a minimal amount of time to get to 5s and t2 projectile weapons. I may even do this once my Vengeance is maxed just to fly something new, but I really want to fly a Sacrilege in pvp; so thats a high priority after the Vengeance Plan.

Also, as many people know, CCP allowed us to get a 60 day trial key per account we have and give it to a friend. I took advantage of this and made a new account. Since I had two accounts, I gave my other key to my brother; who btw is really slacking on his skill training and doing it wrong. I tried to show him EVEMon and EFT to get an idea for a ship and mods he would like to get into, but he just doesnt understand the need for 3rd party tools such as these. I should have expected as much though, he never liked using ACT for EQ2 and upping his dps. So w/e, I just added his api to my evemon and I sneak on his account to edit his skill queue to get him to the ship he wants to fly: Hurricane. Unfortuneately, as short as the plan is to get into the ship with t1 modules, he still wont be able to get the BC skill until he switches to a regular account. Not sure if that will happen if he never logs in to fly a Rifter or Punisher with me. Roaming is rather boring solo.

Speaking of which, Ive logged in and looked for a few more fights, but in my area of space (Jan, Hakonen, Lonetrek) Im not finding acceptable targets at the times I log in. I also dont have the patience to jump through several systems looking for a fight and not finding anything, even when letting people know my location in local. I noticed R1fta is recruiting, and as tempting as it is to apply, I dont want to join another pvp focused corp and not be up to par with the small amount of time I am active each week. I did see they fight each other though, so perhaps that may be a good idea. Especially with future plans to jump into a Wolf =P

Anyhow, goals for next week are to continue working on manual flight while watching my overheated modules and keeping range control in fights. The Vengeance is probally a poor choice to maintain range control, but Ill still make an attempt. I should also expand my selection of targets towards just getting a ship blown up, whether its mine or theirs. This includes popping the obvious bait I keep seeing and possiblely even ignoring the amount of people in the persons corp in local. Looking back, if theres been more than 25-30 people in local, I just dont bother looking for a fight due to the chance of interruption. I need to work on reducing my risk aversion activities and just get blown up.


  1. I'm going on a "holiday" to Jan this week. If you play around downtime, hit me up for a fight.

  2. Sorry for slacking and not replying, I dont really have an excuse for not doing so.

    I moved down to Heild with most of my stuff. I left a kestrel and I think one or two Vengeances in the Jan area. Sadly, I dont have a clone up that way anymore. Im delaying the move of one of my nullsec clones in Delve back to empire because I just dont want to make that many jumps without jump bridge usage =P

    However, Im usually sitting at the sun in Bosena or Heild the last few (and foreseeable future) days. You are more than welcome to come run into me =)