Saturday, April 14, 2012

DarkFall: Training

I had an issue with my connection, client shut down, mumble exploded and I restarted the computer. Before logging back in, I felt like doing a quick DF post. So this is it.

Training. More and more training. Greatswords, knives, swimming, diving, running the right way, using leather armor correctly. It seems to never end. I was killing goblin shaman and fighters for awhile more, easily by the way now. I moved on to goblin marauders and warlords, which are presenting a good challenge for me. I even have to run away sometimes if more than one or two join the fight. Ive switched to killing some zombies and even tried to take down a giant skeleton, to no avail.

I built a nice supply of coin that I had planned to spend on some materials to work on some tradeskills, but the oppurtunity presented itself to grab some "Ready Bags" from the clan bank. That, with the added weapons, was a cool 1500 gold. Not a bad deal, but I havent learned all the prices of items yet. These upgrades will come in handy when I head out to the dead areas for some pve. I may even try to take on some troll lords again.

Oh right, that didnt turn out well the first time. I killed it, but apparently he poisoned me with 5 or 6 dots, that I thought would have dropped when he died. No, dots dont drop when the mob dies. So I died also a moment after my opponent fell to my sword. Sadly, I was bound all the way up in Copperdale. It was a long enough run back to the Hammerdale area, that someone was able to completely loot my corpse. Well, that didnt go as planned.

Aslo, as promised, more of the Mages Hand-guide. Two entries this time, as I really want to get this story out again.

Entry Two: Didn't get much done today. I walked a good twenty miles before nightfall, but I haven't come across anybody yet. Nobody that can help me, leastways. All I have is my walking stick, my bag, my journal and some biscuits and jelly.
The moon is setting and already I can hear the howl of the wolves and coyotes. I used to be afraid, but after I almost stumbled on a coyote and it didn't even attack me, I don't worry anymore. The wolves keep their distance from me, though. They don't like my smell. In all honesty, I haven't showered in clean water for weeks; I wouldn't want to eat me either.

Entry Three: I ran into a stray mutt today. Big brute, he was, nearly up to my hip. He had black fur and brown eyes. He ran like nothing I've ever seen, and when he came up to me it was the first time since I left home that I feared for my life. I didn't hit him with my walking stick, but I gave him a biscuit and bade him a good day. He wasn't phased by me for a moment, but after he taste the jelly on that biscuit he was angry no more.
I also came across a woman too. She didn't dress as if she was a woman. She carried a bow and held two long knives. Her ears were peculiar, though. It was as if somebody had stretched them long and flattened them. She had a certain air about her that told me that she was more than enough for me to handle in combat, and that any chance of being friendly with her was nonexistent. She only looked at me with these strange gold eyes and nodded off towards the forest towards her right. "Go." she seemed to say, but her lips did not move. She turned around, then, and stood with her bow at the ready with an arrow already knocked. I wish I would have said something because she was a beauty. Still, Lersh and Undin wouldn't believe me if I could tell them. They'd say I was dreaming, drunk or "otherwise incapacitated".

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