Monday, April 9, 2012

Goblins and the Brawny

Goblins. Lots and lots of Goblins have been killed by my daggers. Ive kill at a minimum 200 goblin scouts, 100 goblin fighters, and 20 goblin shamen. This grants a title called "the Brawny", apparently magical words that bestow + strength! Awesome! I want more strength, so I search for the next step. Now, a total of 500 trolls must die. Well, this will be interesting, I have never fought a troll before.

Some players have died also, but there was this one in the newbie area who refused to die. He attacked me and I was too slow in landing a retalitory hit while he was "Rogue" that I went rogue instead; resulting in my death to his greatsword. Regearing, I returned and tried to sneak up on him this time. I watched for a few minutes, and learned he heavily relied on magic, but was also an adept melee user.

Fortuneately, I had learnt some of Darkfalls flagging mechanics. As long as he was rogue, the guard towers would help me. So I taunted him into a fight again. He kept hitting me as I swung my sword in his general direction, keeping in mind to walk backwards towards town. Unfortuneately, my skill at guaging distance to the towers is off some, so I died just outside the range of help.

So two full sets of armor gone as well as a pretty nifty little bow and a badass greatsword that was transmuted for fire. It was almost broken, so no biggie, really, but still. The armor wasnt much of a loss either, as I can create my own leather armor (72 skill, almost to studded armor at 75). Im also working on weaponsmithing in small quantities to have my own little supply, but I hate harvesting, so thats slow going.

Things come smoother now though. I can easily combat most goblins, but I did need to seek assistance from my brother for killing a goblin warlord. One of his guarding marauders dropped a "Selentine key" that I used to open a nearby chest. It popped out a nie amount of gold, a great axe and a banded chestpeice that was imbued with a health bonus. There was also a cold resistance boosting shield in there that I am saving for a cold day.

The inventory issue of becoming a clusterfuck has happened a couple times, but Ive made myself several sacks to put within bags as well as figuring out how to label the bags has made sorting things much easier. In the main bank, a combat bag that holds two bags, armor and weapons, and contained within each are bags for different armor and weapon types. In the combat bag, Im working on keeping a "quick load" sack that has a full set of armor and weapons with regeants as needed for a quick resupply upon death. Same as having backup ships fit in my hangar in EvE. Lots of crossover between these two games as far as lessons learned.

After registering on the forums and teamspeak, I was promoted beyond recruit to Sgt in Mutiny. Nifty, but it didnt really bestow anything useful, like clan bank access where the bags full of weapons I want to use reside (more fire swords!! MOAR!) I also tried to get access to use the supply of iron ingots and leather to work on weaponsmithing, but that also didnt go well. Apparently trust in Darkfall is the same as trust in EvE: non-existant. Annoying, but not a problem. Just inconveniant.

We have two holds, Hammerdale and Lost Untilkin, or something similar. The first is a short five to ten minute run by foot from Monkfield (my starting area). The second is a cold, deserted place. So far north, not even normal players traverse this place often. Pretty good place for working on tradeskills I heard. Hammerdale is a human built city that is near an ocean, the name of which I havent learned yet. There are a few more little villages around, also player built I think. The control points provide a gold income for the clan, but Im not sure how that is applied for usage yet.

So far, I havent grouped much at all with clanmates, but when called many were willing to come. Although the target was gone soon, several sent msgs to say again if he showed up. Yeah, I have the ability to call for backup to kill that guy who killed me. Twice. Anyhow, Agon is quickly becoming a new home away from home and I am pretty sure I will be upgrading from a trial soon. Im about 80% sure my brother will be doing the same, although he play still prefers EQ2. For now.

Also, Im going to be posting an amazing story that I read before I started playing Darkfall. Even though player written lore, this story is exactly what drew me into Darkfall in the first place, moreso than anything else Ive encountered about this game. I copied it in its entirety for player made books in EQ2, but since I dont play that anymore, its a shame for this story to fade into obscurity like many things Darkfall related have done. I hope for you all to read it and enjoy as much as I did when Fawkes originally wrote it. So without further ado, the first entry of "The Mages Hand-Guide to Agon", written by Fawkes.

Here is the link giving me permission to copy the story to EQ2. I assume being such an old story, I can post it to my blog also for easier access. Yes, I am Zianlo K'Synth. Whole different story for another day perhaps. Also, no poking fun if you look through my old posts on there bout posting on myspace, those are totally old and noobish posts of mine that I wish I could strike from existence.


This is in the perspective of Les, a village-dwelling boy who can't seem to find his spot in the whole mess of life. He's seventeen, and by then he still is restless in the village he calls home.

Entry One: I've left home. Ma and Da can't understand me anymore. I feel more powerful now, like I can take Da in a shouting match. Or that I can stand up to my mother when she scolds me for no reason. The only people who understand me are not in this house. Not in this village, perhaps not even in this country, and I know it. I've left home, and as I write this by the river, under this tree and surrounded by nature, I feel like this should have been my home all along.

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