Wednesday, April 18, 2012

EvE: The Neuting Maller

Late last night, there were some people roaming about, looking for a fight. I was a couple jumps over in Hrober, and with a fleet of mine already up, I got the others to join in. GO me! Anyhow...

The call goes out that a Hawk, Wolf, Manticore, and I think there was a Vengeance also for a short moment; were all at the plex in Heild. Well, me being the dick that I am, I had to reship from a Bestower. When I docked, I didnt feel like bringing out my Vengeance; was in the mood for something else. Ah, a Maller, but I dont have any t2 lasers; yet I have plenty of medium neuts for some reason. And so is created the Neuting and ECM Maller. Plenty of tank, for frigates anyways. No point, so Id rely on the others for holding stuff down. Three medium neuts and three small versions, with three ecm modules, one for each of the three or four enemy ships we were about to face.

As I undock, the enemies warp to the sun. I align and warp to the sun at zero. Luckily for me, I landed right on top of the Hawk, the most dangerous of the enemies on grid. The Wolf was in range also, so I tossed a neut on him too. For some reason, the Manticore was within scram range to Aliak, and he killed it promptly with two or three vollies. The Hawk was the proud receiver of my two medium and one small neuts, while the Wolf got my third medium neut, due to being out of range of the smalls. With no capacitor to keep his shield tank going, the Hawk very quickly exploded. With his friends out of the equation, the Wolf pilot also had his ship turned to scrap. Not only did the Wolf pilot like his ship being exploded he wanted a quick trip to his clone vat, so we obliged without him even asking for the assistance. I think the Vengeance warped out early in the fight, as I saw him, but he was out 30km from me, so I didnt bother trying for him.

A short bit later, they were back, this time with the old Vengeance and Myrmidon. Looks like they were pissed at the neuting power of my Maller. I was docked, so I refitted a couple long points this time, I kept the neuts and I should have switched out a plate for a repper, but I didnt. There were probes out and I wasnt watching the alt sitting in a sun safe, so I didnt know until the target lock sound came from the background. My bestower exploded, along with the alts empty clone, neither of which I have mails for atm. I called out on the alt in fleet to warp to him before becoming pod goo, and soon the rest of the fleet landed. The Vengeance's beasty tank stood no chance against the neuts of a Curse and he exploded so fast, I wasnt even on grid for it. When I landed, I was near the Myrm, so he got the full power of all six of my neuts with two long points on him for good measure. My Maller lasted quite awhile under fire, but with no local or remote reps coming in, I exploded soon. The pod on there is the previously mentioned Manticore pilot. I guess he never docked, and I know I did, so that answers the question of when the killmail whoring ends: when the attacker, not victim, docks, but I digress... With my Maller out of action, the Myrm was free to attack my fleet. However, he was neuted to hell and back with very little cap now, so his tank wasnt able to catch up and my revenge was oh so sweet.

Overall, these were all goodfights, nice fleet experiences for both sides I think. For r1fta, I think we only lost a wolf or jag and my alts bestower/pod and my Maller. I think we won the isk war on this one, but we also fielded alot more isk with the curse out there, which I didnt even notice we had until I looked at the killmails. And this was all done via fleet/corp chat without voice comms. Who needs all that organization crap!

We Rebels are pirates!

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