Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Story So Far....

Bronan Darkfrost has been accomplishing small things lately. He's had a few setbacks, but also has had many successes.

First, Id like to mention things I dont like about Darkfall. The UI. I hate the dual UI types, right clicking to use "combat" mode and right clicking again for "active mouse" mode. I see the whys of doing so (more keybinds?) or maybe I dont. Thats not even really that bad, tbh. Its that the UI is not as responsive as I would like. Im used to EverQuest 2 UI where when I hit a key, it does it without delay (excluding the occasional spell lag) What I mean is that there is a delay when I hit spacebar to jump and my character jumping. Its a small, almost unnoticeable delay. Unless you played EQ2 for 8 years. Maybe I was just spoiled by a UI that did what I told it to do quicker. I dunno.

Outside of that, I dont have any complaints about this game. Its extremely PvP focused, allowing you to create just about every item in the game if you have the skills to do so. Speaking of Skills, its a grindfest. You thought EvE is grinding? No, no, youre confused. EvE skills grind by themselves, at no cost to you other than patience. Darkfall skills only grind when you use them. Or as I found out, you pay gold for "Meditation", which is similar in gaining skills like EvE when offline. So theres a work around for the grinding, as well as a bonus for actually using the skills. I havent invested in it yet, but Im sure I will eventually.

Now that the bad is out of the way, time for the good. PvP. Its awesome. Ive killed a couple players on the deleted characters, but on this one, I have made an attempt to be somewhat risk averse when other players are around. This isnt because Im scared to die, but because I have no supplies yet. I dont have that backup gear to replace the armor I currently wear. Well, unfortuneately, fate was not on my side. I lost not just one, but two full sets (not even full set really) of armor to two different people. Both times, they helped a goblin kill me. Gotta work on situation awareness here in Agon.

The next thing, the community. Its small, super small. The last 3 nights Ive logged in, I have seen the same 4 or 5 names in racial alliance chat. Maybe its the time of night I log in. So far, every time Ive asked a question, its been answered. Some responses take longer than others, often times, the question will lead into a debate (knives vs sword/board vs greatsword vs great club). Great community. Its also a community of HTFU, as I havent had a single person offer something for nothing. Except one...

Im out killing goblins for a quest (yes, lots of goblins) and I die. When you die, you are incapacitated while the mobs walk away and you have a chance to be either ganked (equal to being podded), revived by a player, or just wait your timer out to die. Well, while dieing, I was about half way through and Im spinning around waiting to expire when I see a player. A player with a RED name. RED is bad. Ive learned that a player with a RED name is usually there to kill me. So I moan to myself thinking a gank is incoming. And to my great surprise, this person revives me! Yes, he revives me. I get up, say my thanks as I run off, just in case he wants to kill me again himself instead of the goblin. Luckily, he was just passing through and willing to help a noob like me.

After resting up, I return to the goblin village and finish killing what needs killed and collected what needed to be. Upon returning to town, I turn in all the quests possible and almost empty out my journal in the process. I also aquire alot of decent items, items that I stash in the bank for later when needed. There is no mender to repair weapons or armor, so I will need to constantly have to replace my gear at some point, either from wear and tear or having it taken by another player. Enter Tradeskills.

I happen to be a crafter when the action benefits me. Well, crafting my own gear will be pretty damn helpful in the future I feel. I take up tailoring, as it is usually the easiest in most games. I figure out how to make the basic cloth and find out I need a skill of 50 to make leather. Well, this is a grind and a half, and I fell asleep doing it. Crafting in Darkfall is simple in that you get the materials you need, you stand at the station you need and put in how many of the items you want to make. Making 100 of any item is an arduous process and I would not reccomend doing mass orders like that unless you go to bed or afk; because it is definately boring waiting for that little yellow bar to fill up every 10 seconds per item.

So where do I stand right now? Well, Im looking for some steedgrass to make a mount. Im switching between using knives and a 2h greatsword for weapons; one has a longer reach, more damage, but slow while the other is shorter range, fast and lower damage. I am also practicing aiming better with Archery, since the arrows drop rapidly the further away the target is. Similar goes for magic, except I dont have a spell that drops like the arrows. Im working on the other starter city quests also, since the original for me is completed. I feel doing this will help both in getting more armor and weapons stockpiled, but also build some gold supplies as well as the combat increasing my used skills. So far, so good.

Everything is going well in Agon for Bronan. He's had a few harsh losses, but nothing that he hasnt been able to replace with some effort in doing so. Soon, those gankers will attack, and I will win one of these times!

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