Sunday, April 15, 2012

EVE: Black Rebel Rifter Club is Awesome!

Just sayin. I felt like letting everyone know that.

Recruitment status: CLOSED
Public channel >> The Autocannon
Rifter hull enthusiasts. (Except me, I fly the Punisher!)
Unwashed beards, grease, silver sunglasses, long beaded hair or shaved heads, tribal faces, armpits, earrings, chain whips, pistols and stripped-down Rifter hulls passing in formation like a burst of dirty thunder. It's Black Rebel time, baby!

Low-sec/null-sec pvp, bar fights and ganks.

Spare drive chain parts from the Rifter's deadly autocannons have been known to be stripped down and used as 'belts' on the Rebels' clothing . . . Always at hand when a bar fight turns ugly.
-- Gallente Police Training Manual.

How they manage to do it? Last I heard they are drinking their beer from unrinsed mindflood flasks. Interesting idea come to think of it. You selling some? - Unknown Roden Shipyards welder, Egghelende.
How did the Rebels grow to be such disliked hell-raisers? Easy, they worked overtime at being crafty, cruel and cowardly.
-- Serpentis chemical plant worker.

Weird Haul Found at Gang's Hideout.
Four coffins, two electronic grave markers and Thukker tribe emblems were found Saturday in the headquarters of a notorious frigate flying gang where three members were arrested on narcotics charges. The residence also contained a throne chair five feet tall, a stuffed owl, an Amarrian beheading sword and assorted frigate trophies and memorabilia.
-- Excerpt from a weekly news report on New Eden's known criminal gangs.

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