Saturday, April 14, 2012

EVE: Getting My Groove Back!!

I logged in tonight with not much in mind of what to do. I decided to fit up a Punisher. I will write more bout this ship later, but for now, more fun. While lollygagging around in corp chat, I noticed a call for more hands on deck, a Nyx was tackled! I assumed a troll and other such bs from the Ransm boys, but they came through and actually had a supercarrier locked down! I promptly then joined fleet and comms and headed their direction, only 5 jumps over. On my way, I heard them call a hold fire, spamming fleet chat for those who were not on voice. Lucky for me, tbh, I was still 1 jump over.

The hold fire was given so the NC. could come whore on the km also. Well, ok, I guess....I saw no reason the pirate rabble who had assembled to take down the super carrier should share the km with big bad nullsec alliance guys. But w/e, thats why Im not in politics! I landed on grid, blasting the Nyx with my NOS and one or two pot shots with my lasers to make sure I was on the killmail. Yeah, I wanted to killmail whore too. Yes, it was in bad form, but have you seen my losses this month? I needed to boost the efficiency, you see!

Soon, the SC pilot grows bored of us holding him, trying to extract a ransom from him, so he starts self destruct and almost instantly, shouts for a cyno to go up, which it does, and then alot of big ships land on grid. Not fleeted big ships. I align to gtfo, but the call is for the sun. I was aligned to a planet, so I readjusted, taking some shield damage before making it out, with a 16 billion isk killmail in my pocket!

That'll help the killboard efficiency a bit!

Then I went back and got a couple corpmate to assist in the logistics of getting my PoS setup. Four or 5 trips, with two characters going the route. Then when I actually get it all there, another hour or two of actually setting it up and onlining it. Not to mention, while setting it up, the UI is horrendusly not user friendly when setting up a pos. I was not a happy camper doing this, but the final result was pretty good.

I got back to Heild afterwards, and just in time for a request to come to test test a fit. And so I did. Several fights later (all wins on my part btw, even though only to hull), we switched it up to t1 stuff. Fitting my punisher, I won 2 of the 3 fights. The 3rd one got me due to not being able to keep up with the tracking so close (less than 1500m) as well as capacitor. Even while super micro managing my modules, I couldnt get through that last bit of armor while he chewed through mine once the capacitor gave out. He had just fought me a few times while figuring out what he did wrong, while I was winning, trying to keep doing what I was doing to win. Only difference was the closer orbit range. Damn that laser tracking!

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