Sunday, April 29, 2012

T1 & T2 vs T1 & T2

So there I was; blacked out of existence. Dreaming dreams of a relentless life of cooking and serving others in a high stress, medium paying enviroment. Comas like this kind of suck. Luckily, I was able to wake from this when the doctors forced a clone jump on me. It was either that, or remain a vegetable I was told. Sure, it could have killed me, but I was dead anyways as veggie. Im back in Heild, in my favorite hull, the Vengeance. This baby, I named after Krole. Old Blondie bit the dust awhile back, as you may have heard. I also have a nice supply of the lower version of this hull, just in case someone might be interested in t1 combat. And by happenchance, there was someone interested.

Within 10 minutes of me logging in, someone in local was asking for a 1v1 t1 frigate fight. Well, ok, I say to myself. Must be fate. I shout out in Local to give me a minute to re-adjust to this clone and re-ship. He obliges kindly and in a few seconds Im out in space again. The chill of space. Ive missed it, although its only been a week of me being in a coma, it seems much, much longer. Im already in a fleet with my friend, Rasto, and hes a few jumps over in Hrober. Being the lazy fuck I am, I just invited my opponent to fleet. I guess he is an old person but new to the killing games. I explain the rules of a 1v1, basically no one joins in or they all die. If either catches the pod, ransmom allowed or just killed or let go, captors choice. Kill each other is the goal. Simple and easy.

And so I warp to my enemy. Pre-heat guns and repper. No drugs, not needed for such a weak hull. D-scan shows an incursus ahead. Being that ship, I was kind of scared of the drone that would pop out. I decided immediately to ignore the drone and kill the ship first. Blasters hurt when I fly my Vengeance, I know they will inflict lots of pain on a Punisher. Scorch is loaded, when I land at 20km. I can reach out to an 11km optimal with scorch. Plenty of time to pew pew until I gewt to 4km range, switching to MF crystals quickly. Web and scram are applied, nos as well. His shields are gone. Mine are almost gone, as I apply the repper, hoping for a rep to land after he breaks into armor, avoiding wasting cap. The drone pops out, Im at 1600m. No prop mod, and webbed, I have no chance of escaping his blaster range, so I begin to manually fly to increase transversal alot. With a tracking rig and DPL's, my lasers can track almost as well as autocannons. I dont know about blasters tracking, so its possible this had no effect on him. I can barely keep up with the incoming damage. I am losing armor quickly, but so is he. Thats a false hope though, I know that Gallente hulls are strong. Both enter structure, me repping back into armor and having it almost instantly burnt back off.

But then, an explosion. I see a pod pop on the Overview and quickly target it, scramming immediately upon lock. Shooting the Warrior II drone while approaching the pod to ensure it doesnt escape, I ask if he wants a quick trip to the clone vat or if he'd like to be released for a price. He chooses clone vat and I send him on his way.

A small chat later, I find out his med bay was in Jita. Long flight back to Heild, my friend. I also find out he was excited to fight a R1fta pilot as a killmail of one of us looks very good when you apply to join. Too bad for him I couldnt oblige.

Later on, Im running the plex in Hrober, then I get a dram bp drop. Nifty, I say to myself, then offer it for sell in corp chat. Offer is taken, so I fly back to Heild to setup the contract. Once done, I head to the plex in Heild. After killing a couple of enemy ships, I see a Vengeance on scan. Possible friend, so I mention in corp in case anyone wants in on the kill if I engage. Haerod accepts and I invite to the Fleet. Rasto is over in Hrober, but it doesnt matter, he's just a PI guy. Soon enough, the Vengeance lands inside the plex with me. I oh'd the MWD as I flew towards him, very quickly covering the 50km distance.

Targeted, webbed and scrammed, this ship is going no where. Launchers were pre-heated, as well as the repper, just in case. I blast through his shields much faster than he did mine. His armor was 75% before Haerod even got in the system from Hrober. Keeping a 6500 orbit to stay in range of my nos, but not his, I ripped apart my opponents armor and structure, exposing his pod just as Haerod landed in the Plex. I was surprised by the speed in which I killed this ship, one that I knew had a great tank normally. Well, not this time. Apparently, he doesnt read my blog or anyone elses for a good fitting on the Vengeance. I warped out without looting to repair my ship, and while doing so, was informed that a nice repper dropped. Checking the km, I saw indeed, a nice one did drop for me and I went back to get it, hoping it was still there. Not as good as what I usually use on my vengeances, so I may use it on my punisher if it hasnt sold on the market by the time I log in again.

And so that was my fun fun times after waking from a coma. On a side note, is Eve-kill going slow for anyone else lately? Not just this weekend, but last several weeks, it has been taking 10+ seconds to load. I may have to look into another killboard if it keeps up; I really hate dial up speed loading times. And its only that one killboard site that does it for me too, R1fta corp kb loads quickly, so I dunno.

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