Saturday, March 24, 2012

Accidents Happen!

This was a fun few hours. I logged in today with someone complaining bout being kited in a dramiel and something bout a wolf. Me in my Vengeance, will rape a wolf as well but while moving slowly. So I offered a 1v1 if he was in a wolf. Well, he was in a hawk. I said ok, n/m. Usually thats the end of things, but this guy continued bitching in loca. Wish I had chat logs, but I dont. In local, the guy was a mad newb to me. He challenged to fight, but I wasnt really in the mood to fight someone with a booster alt (local was full with about 10-13 people). I invited n00bpwner to fleet and I sat at the sun, waiting for Dr R0x0 to warp in on me. He never did, but a rifter kept coming back and forth. Guess he was looking for a fight, but not my ship.

Well, eventually, n00b found him at 0 on the plex. I warped to 0, and when I landed, the hawk jumped through the accel gate. However, there was that rifter I saw earlier, now here at the plex gate. I said fuck it, and targeted this guy, scraming and webbing, setting close range orbit. A few cycles later, I had a pretty new killmail. Then I jumped through the accel gate with n00b still about 45km away.

Land almost directly on top of my target hawk, I quickly activated mwd, scram and web on the opponent. Soon, my speed was slowed and my mwd is inactive. Luckily, I had setup a close orbit in this few seconds. Overheated launchers were shooting missiles of explosive goodies, while my armor held pretty strong. At about 20% shields, n00b landed on grid and locked up the Hawk as well. With n00b in the fight now, he was the primary target, as my mwd was now allowed to function. Pretty quickly at this point, the rest of the shields went away with the armor and structure itself following.

Warping out to a safe, I leave the loot for n00b because Im lazy. Decent stuff dropped and I traded an item or two for what n00b got that I wanted. With GCC going on for a few mins, I tabbed out to mess with forums and facebook. Checking back and forth, I noticed n00b wanted to practice a couple new/different fits against my ship. I didnt mind, he usually cant break my tank anyways. I asked (to be sure) if he wanted me to attack back and what resist hole. He said yes and didnt care what dmg type I used.

So...We go at it. I win, almost killing him due to delayed damage of rockets. Well, next time I know not to overheat my launchers for shits and giggles. So he reps and comes back. We dance the dance again. And again once or twice more. By this point, Im getting bored, so I just set orbit at about 500m so he can get max damage or thereabouts. This plan was good in theory. This plan does not account for tabbing out and chatting on Facebook. I tabbed out for just a minute. I tabbed back in to check my cap and rep status. Both are good, but I notice Im not shooting anymore and a pod on my overview. A purple pod.

Woopsie, my bad, n00b!!! Total accident. The worst part is that I spent the majority of my money on blinking and only had 2misk at the time of this practice. I didnt have anymore to replace his losses, so I gave him a few faction mods to make up for it. Hope all is well, n00b!!

After all, afters happen!

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