Friday, March 16, 2012

Vengeance vs Wolf

Ive been distracted recently with PI and setting it up with spreadsheets and all that fun stuff. Actually, it is fun for me, but shhh...dont tell anyone I like spreadsheets! Anyhows....

Coming up, is a Wolf. This was just some guy I saw on dscan and didnt feel like chasing him down and so I asked for 1v1 in local. He accepted. Knowing the wolf has an explosive weakness in the armor, (which is what I thought would be tanked), I tossed in Nova rockets. We warp to the sun safe I have, and I engaged. Excitedly, I got GCC. Side note, I have been trying to get the first hit in to get that GCC, as I have come to like the red text quite a bit.

So there we are, orbiting each other. I activate my pre-heated launchers, web and scram. I notice I am not getting slowed by a Web, nor is a scram on me. Interesting, guess I can escape if he actually breaks my tank; as unlikely as it is for a wolf to do that. My shields go down quick; expected. His shields go down a few seconds later; also expected. But then I hit his armor, and he in mine. My armor is holding strong, but his goes down faster than I expect. Soon structure. Then the glorious explosion comes!

And then...his pod doesnt leave. I immediately target it as it pops on my overview, but he doesnt try to move or get away. I scram and web him, setting orbit. Maybe I could ransom him? No... Kill his pod? Nah, it was a 1v1. But...I want that sec status boost for killing his pod.... Bah! I do the honorable thing and let him go, as in our private chat, he claims he "trusts me". What the fuck, man!?!?! You dont go around New Eden, let alone Molden Heath, telling people you trust them! Thats a damned sacred thing to just be giving out to random strangers!

All I have to say to you, if youre reading this blog, is that youre damned lucky I got distracted and accidently double clicked in space and didnt notice until I was 30km away, too far to turn around and get lock again before you warped out. Because, you better damned believe, I had decided to explode your pod too, just to show you the penalties of trusting so easily. But...I didnt. Dont expect the same courtesy to happen again!

Next time will be no hesitation in exploding your pod or extracting a ransom!!!

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