Monday, March 5, 2012

Active Duty

No, Im not a soldier (however, I would love to have that honor!) but things have been ramping up in R1fta! Standing fleets seem to be becoming the norm during my time zone online. Several fleets and roams have been going on during the week and throughout the weekend that are either outside of my time zone also, and I just barely miss them by the time I log in. Either way, the Rebels are slowly working towards a constant stream of standing fleets.

This works well for a ton of people. Sometimes, they go sour though; ending up in an almost fruitless roam with a needless death at the end. FC called to engage, I TD'd, FC called warp out, I tried to jump (agression mechanics brainfart fail on my part) and by the time I was aligned to warp out, he had a long point on me. Welp....That sucked.

I joined a few more fleets for short stints throughout the weekend, but I always either caught them at the tailend of the roam and got no kills or they formed as I was logging off for the night. I did get lucky when Sorn probed out a Drake pilot a few jumps over. Tavis and myself formed up a fleet and got Sorn in a few seconds later. I was on the gate to the Ubtes system when I realized I should bring my Sacrilege for a small bit more dps. This is a drake after all. So I make the three jumps back to Heild and return to Ubtes, jumping into system just as Sorn calls "Pointed!".

Warping to Sorn, I land about 6km from the target. I set orbit to 10km; web, point, nos and activated the pre-heated launchers of my ship. Oh yeah, I also activate my 3 hornet ECM drones as well as my Caldari specific ECM module I replaced with the previously equipped Tracking Disruptor when I switched ships. Either this pilot was jammed to hell and back or he just gave up and went afk. He didnt do much of any damage to any of us, and soon enough his battlecruiser exploded. We caught his pod and tried to ransom it, however, the pilot really did go afk (or chose to ignore us) and didnt respond to comms buzzing.

And with that, we shot his lil green pod, taking one for the team on the sec status hit. Not that it mattered, both my corpmates are wanted pirates anyways with more than -8 sec status, with Sorn hitting -10 again with this kill I believe. My sec status is still relatively in tact at -2.94, but now Im not allowed in 1.0 or 0.9 systems. If Im wrong, please correct me.

I "solo'd" a thrasher, a gunpoint gang waiting in the plex in Heild. I warped in to grab a catalyst, while it warped away when I landed, two thrashers showed up. I was fleeted with Tavis, Javen, Sorn and a couple other rebels as part of our Standing fleet thing and called point, they warped in. At some point after they warped in, this thrasher exploded and a Talos landed on grid. At that point, I called warp outs, but I think people were still en route, which caused their deaths I think.

A couple things Ive learned over the weekend in fleeting: That I have a tendency to either take the lead or give answers to questions asked when it should be the FC doing this. I dont like to step on other peoples toes when it comes to leading and its a role Ive tried to avoid doing in EVE. If Im going to continue fleeting, I need to re-learn how to follow instead of trying to lead. Especially when I dont know what to do in certain situations, like the last mentioned fight that resulted in one or two corpmates deaths. Not that I was leader then, but still its something I need to pay attention to. And really, its not that I didnt know what to do, its that I didnt want to zerg them down with R1fta coming in cruisers and mostly frigate sized ships. I dont want to be responsible for other peoples losses, but I dont care bout my own, as you can obviously tell from my lossmails.

However, I enjoy fleeting up with Rebels and getting a roam or good local fight going. I dont like when things escalate to bigger ships, but thats mostly because the majority of R1fta doesnt fly bigger ships. Eventually, perhaps, but at this point in time, I dont like the bigger ship battles that opponents end up going to so they can claim they "held the field". Anyhow, thats my weekend in a quick nutshell. Go me!


  1. Thanks for the offer, but I'm learning quite a bit out in Curse between FCing and doing small roams (we're talking solo to 4 man gang).

    Besides, your vengeance, and probably the whole of R1FTA would come running to kill me. I would have to fly a pretty specific frigate to deal with your Vengeance, and i'm still not sure I could pull a win given the trouble Tawa had.

    1. Ill be honest, it warms my heart to know I would actually challenge your ship. However, R1fta doesnt blob and we are pretty spread out.

      It is very rare that we call in help while soloing unless its some ship bigger than us (see recent kills on r1fta kb). And we honor 1v1s, so there be 100 r1fta in heild and not a single one would interfere with our fight =) Guarentee theyd come watch in shuttles though!