Sunday, March 11, 2012

Late Night Saturdays

So Im in the mood for a post tonight. There really isnt much happening to be honest. Im just one of those people who dont go out and party every weekend. Well, today, I did party. I went to a friend of my son's birthday party. Go me and the wildness that happened at a 6 year old's party! Actually, it wasnt that bad, but we're here to talk about srs internet spaceships!

In the recent past days, I have switched training from AF5 to some PI stuff. I have four planets right now on Korvus, two lava and an equal amount of barren, making construction blocks and test cultures; respectively. The blocks seem to have a nice sell amount on the market in MH, but Im not feeling the cultures. I just put those going because I just so happened to have two barren command centers in my hangar and when I set those up (my first two) I didnt really know what the hell I was doing.

Currently, Ive done a bit more research into PI and now have all 4 running extractors, basic AND advanced processors as well as a launchpad thing. I havent had to empty these out yet, so we'll see how that goes when it happens. I like the prices of a few other items to make, but Im not liking the POCO taxes from interbus on the planets I want to run them on. Damn that interbus 17% tax! Anyways, I would post pictures of my setup, but many are available and I dont think my noobish-ness should be shared just yet.

Before the party today, I was setting up PI. At some point when I was in the middle of a setup, someone yelled there was a drake and ferox at the plex. Well, me being the giddy chap that I am, volunteered. I undocked immediately in my Vengeance, while submitting my setup and forgetting about it...until this moment when I recapped my day. **Logs into EVE to set things right**..

Ok then....So I undock the veng, but redock to reship into my last Sacrilege. I have this one fit with a t2 missile rig, and stripped of modules for some reason. Well, in my haste, I just threw on some eanms, single repper, the t2 launchers, an ECM, web, jam, and MWD. Looking back at the fight, Im not sure why I picked the MWD. I should have gone for another web or even an ECCM knowing that most people use ecm drones. I even tossed on my caldari navy BCS. Not sure what I was thinking in such a rush. So I undock in my not good fit Sacrilege with t2 missile rigging.

Warping to the plex, I land right on top of the drake. I dont remember if I set orbit or what, but I started taking lots of damage. My shields evaporated as expected, but my armor didnt even hold as strong as I expected it to. In my vengeance, the armor is tough and what little damage actually makes it through resists, gets repped away. In my sacrilege, it got hit and didnt come back. Im definately going to invest in some 500misk reppers when I fly the Sacrilege again. I may even toss on a cap booster to avoid getting neuted the fuck out like I did in duels with corp mates and battles with enemies. Exspensive lessons here, but I enjoy the entire process nonetheless!

Anyways, my Sacrilege takes heavy damage as the Drake hits armor and explodes. I warped out and redocked to get into a vengeance and return, but the drake exploded before I could return, hence no killmail for me to be on. Stupid session change timer. All the drones are gone though, so I did my job of protecting the smaller ships long enough to ensure they had little issues finishing the battlecruiser and the Ferox warped out.

So Sac for Drake trade was a terrible deal on my end. I shouldnt have rushed in fitting it and I should have been more aware of the situation to fit the right stuff for the job. Oh well, memory for next time. Sadly, this ship is going to be on the shelf for a bit while I develope a few more skills and better income. Ive come to a point where Id like to try to make ISK in game instead of getting it through plex. Whether or not I can compete with the big boys is something to be seen.

Starting with PI, Ill be training my alt for industry soon. Probally get into an Orca, working on the manufacturing skills and leadership skills for a boosting alt of my own in a t3 or maybe command ship. Maybe Ill split that plan into two alts. I dunno though, we'll see how things roll out.

On other news, R1fta will be heading north for a month and half long campaign. Ive shipped my first "starting kit" of rifters with plans to train minmatar frig 5 with autocannon spec preceeding it and try out the Wolf or Jag. I suppose its time I actually do what r1fta should be known for: Flying the Rifter hull!


  1. Didn't you originally get Korvus so that you could fly minnie stuff? lol

    1. We see how well that worked out! lol