Monday, March 26, 2012

E-Uni and a Noob.....

Tonight was rather slow. I logged out, took a nap and awake way too early in the morning. Could sleep and since I have to take the boy to school here in about 20 minutes, Ill buy myself a couple days on my PI guide with a post about my recent fights. Exciting, yes?! Also, at this point in time, Ive hit 20 kills this month, my most "active" month so far in the pvp realm. My efficiency is about 64% but I blame this on the two sacrilege losses that I could have avoided. Excluding those, Im doing pretty damn good, with an enemy survival chance of 38%. With all kills this month added up, Ive also hit 1 billion ISK in damages dealt out! Not too bad, imo.

So, I undock and warp to my sun safe. I see a hawk on scan, and as I narrow it down, I lose it for a minute. Guess they docked. I start warping around for diff scan spots. I pick up a harpy on scann pretty soon. Interesting, I think to myself, that we'd have a couple of Caldari AF pilots here. Being that there were only 4 or 5 in system at this time, I assumed it was the same pilot. Lucky guess I suppose. I figured out that they were running the plex by checking for wrecks on dscan as well, but I continued for a second to get a 5 degree scan because Im terrible at scanning and need the practice.

At this point, I warped to the plex at 10, just in case. Nothing here, so I head for the gate and warp activates. Landing right in the middle of a cluster fuck of wrecks as well as my target on the overview, I promptly lock, scram, web and nos'ing while activating my mwd to try and set range. Sadly, my speed was reduced to about 100m/s. I wasnt scrammed or anything so when I noticed my opponent not taking much damage, I realized my ammo didnt switch like I told it to during the warp here. Since I wasnt stuck here, I warped out to a safe and reloaded explosive rockets to hit the assumed hole in the target harpy's resists. I assumed explosive because 90% of Caldari ships plug their EM shield hole. and explosive was the next one as well as being a low resist for their armor.

When I was done reloading, I flew to the plex again with no luck finding the harpy. I decided to wait out my GCC, but it was not meant to happen as I caught the harpy back on scan. With this chain of events, I assumed he redocked to refit to a more pvp capable setup. I popped the standard exile booster in my hold because fighting while high is awesome. I activated the gate and flew directly up with mwd active upon landing in the deadspace. The Harpy soon landed about 70km away. I disabled mwd when I saw her, and flew towards my target, reactivating mwd with a speed of about 800 to hide my usage of mwd. At 30km, I went full speed in. In retrospect, I should not have done so, but it would have helped little. With overheated launchers and repper, I scrammed and webbed my target again. Unfortuneately, my mwd was disabled and I was stuck at about 1500m range. Nothing new here with being unable to control range.

And with us dancing so close, my rockets quickly dealt their damage, breaking through the Harpy's tank much quick than the thermal rockets attempted a few moments before. Hitting armor, it went quickly, and with my launchers at 60% damage or so, I turned off the heat to not burn out. However, when I hit structure, I hit a wall. Damage slowed to a crawl while my incoming damage was still high and forcing me to OH my repper. I dropped to 50% armor and decided to go all in, overheating launchers again to go with my rep.

That was the boost I needed, ending the fight with my ship at 30% armor and my opponent's wreck floating in front of me. With the adrenaline still high, I attempted to grab the pod, but to no avail, my ships targeting systems arent as fast as others. I did remember to loot the wreck though, as I had plenty of space between myself and the landing area of the plex. GF's were had in local with my dislike of blasters mentioned.

With this, I went to my sun safe and activated my MWD while waiting out a fresh GCC. While waiting out the timer, I checked the damage on my modules and my launchers were 96% damage! Luckily, they didnt have to keep going another couple cycles or I would have burnt out and probally lost this fight. So close, and it left me with a nice lil rush for several minutes afterwards.

At this point, someone had mentioned wanting a good fit for a punisher. I didnt have on in game, so went to my EFT and started playing around with a sacrilege fit. Yeah, I got distracted that quickly. Eventually, I remembered and linked the fit in channel. By that time, gcc had expired and I warped off to the station. Then...There was a complaint in local that I had warped away when they were so close. Well, this amused me because I hadnt bothered to look at my overview when I was warping out.

I guess this inquisitor was chasing me. She mentioned being bored and having no one to fight, so I obliged by fleeting and inviting to warp to me. After a few minutes of small talk and information given to this newb who had a med clone only 3 jumps over in Teon, I decided to pod him. Since in this time, he could have left and been home twice over. I felt the wasted time should be made up by an express trip to the vat. Plus, I even donated 1misk to assist in buying a new clone.

I r nice pirate!

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