Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Planetary Interaction

This post shall be about what is in the title from an extremely incompetent person in the spreadsheeting skill. Please, offer advice to make it look prettier or link me to updated guides that are done better that I can easily adapt to my personal tastes.

I wasnt planning on making a blog post about this stuff, however, Im pretty n00b at it and feel the need for some assistance or reassurance Im doing it correctly. With the lack of forethought into this, I dont have my original setups. As a few days have passed and Ive got a surplus of raws, Ive reduced my extraction amount and increased my factory amounts while removing most silos and linking through my launchpads. Optimal? I dont think it is, but with only level 3 in the PI skills, I am limited right now. Below is a screenshot of two planets.

On the Barren planet, you will see that I have 12 structures; one Command Center, two Extractors, six Basic Processors, one Advanced Processor, one Silo and finally, one Launchpad. With this setup and my current skills at 3, I have downsized to two nodes per Extractor. This is because when I started, Ididnt have any factories, causing me to have an excess of Raws, requiring the need of a Silo. With this current setup, I wont run out of raws to refine.

On the Lava planet, I have a similar setup, but with three nodes per Extractor and everything routed through the Launchpad. This was a later planet setup, so I was not as far ahead in raws as prior ones, hence the three node extraction. This caused me to be behind alot for the advanced materials, but I stole some from my other lava planet to jumpstart the whole thing and ensure I wasnt going to run out and waste time again in the whole refinement process.

Here is my first spreadsheet with PI. The last two columns were added at the end and I wasnt in the mood to break the merged boxes to move them into the correct spot or adjust their formulas to be "cleaner". My OCD is bad with organization, but by the time I was done with this, I just didnt give a shit. Any comments or suggestions on the formulas or layout would be welcome, Im pretty sure I did those correctly.

So now down to the nitty gritty of the investments. Ive put in about nine million ISK per planet, on four planets. From the sheet, if I follow this all the way through to the end Smartfab units, using all my own mats, I will make 3 of those planets investment cost back after making Smartfabs for a week (excluding POCO taxes). It also seems that buying the p1 mats and refining them to p2 (then p3), I will make a nice profit as well. Thinking of it, I should add that column in also, just to see if its worth doing. This is all stats from one factory as well, so I could make this more efficient and profitable if I added more than one factory, which Ive done with the basic ones. Ive seen people mention factory only planets and this is something I will be looking into on alts.

Speaking of alts, Ive decided to train up 5 alts (3 on second account, 2 on main) for PI skills. At first, all will have level 3, as that only takes a couple days to train for and will get me started with them all. I can adjust planets as skills increase after that. The next thing is getting rid of the Interbus POCOs in Heild, and surrounding systems, to place either my own or a corpmates who has his own already that I can invest in. If I can remove POCO taxes, I can increase my profit margin, which is the entire point of doing this PI stuff!

With 6 characters running PI, I hope to achieve a steady income stream to help continue my exspensive ship flying and reduce the amount of plex I buy for real monies. Maybe even someday, Ill play EVE for free!

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